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Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Almost Time

Hi Friends,

It's only 23 days and counting!

Are you coming?

It won't be the same if you aren't there.

Pink Impact, the annual women's conference at Gateway Church, is coming up in just three short weeks. As all the details finally come together, I am getting so excited! In just a few days you will begin to stream through the doors of the new campus. There will be chatter and laughter and lots of hugs. We will celebrate one another and enter into His presence together.

I am humbled by the privilege it is to dream about a gathering of this nature. Not only to dream - but to see my dreams come true. I am confident that many God encounters are appointed for this year. The Father is giving us divine confidence so that we can overcome every hurdle that strives to keep us from moving out in faith.

Our theme is Live It! If I could give you a Nike swoosh, I would. Wherever you are, whatever life stage you are in, whatever obstacles you face, whatever dreams you are dreaming...just go ahead and believe God! He will help you to expand your expectations, increase your faith, and give you the courage to obey. Don't hold back any longer. Live your faith out loud!

You will hear from our own Pastor Debbie Morris. (To hear more about Pastor Debbie's heart for the conference, please visit her personal blog at www.debbiemorris.gatewaypeople.com.) She'll be leading us throughout the weekend where we will also hear from Chris Caine, Priscilla Shirer, Charlotte Gambill and TD Jakes, who are some of the most inspiring and influential leaders in the church today.

As an extra bonus, we are offering workshops that feature some of Gateway's best teachers. Thursday morning we will have two rounds of workshops where you can hear some new voices and some new topics. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be introducing you to these women and their workshop topics, so check back often for updates.

Our congregation has grown by almost 4,000 members since last November. That's a lot of new ladies who have no idea what Pink Impact is about. Would you help me spread the word? Would you be sure that the women in your sphere of influence have received a personal invitation?

As a matter of fact, please consider this a personal invitation to you. I'm inviting you to join us. I'm inviting you to invest in yourself and in your spiritual relationships. I'm inviting you to invite someone!

But if you don't come, you won't experience it.

So go ahead and check it out for yourself. Click on the title of this blog and it will take you directly to the conference site at www.pinkimpact.com. If you have questions about things like schedules, childcare or scholarships, please email your questions to info@pinkimpact.com.

Please join me in praying for every woman who will join us - including you! We're asking God to stir your expectation for more of Him.

Much love,

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