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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Seize the Day!

Today some friends called to say they were coming to Pink Impact in April! Three of them (who now live in three separate cities) are getting together and making a girls road trip to come hear me speak! (Wish you would come too! If you want to check it out, visit www.pinkimpact.com or simply click on my title above and it will take you right to the web site.) I am so excited! Beth, Ashley and Betty are coming! It reminded me of a very sweet season in my life...

I have made some amazing friendships since moving to the Dallas area in 2006, but there is a small cluster of women from Abilene, Texas that knew me first! They knew me when my whole platform was the kitchen table and every "ministry moment" happened with four children at my feet. (It's still my favorite place to have a God conversation!)

They were a part of my life during such an amazing time of spiritual development - any of them that were a part know exactly what I mean. We spent a few precious years, or in some cases only months, God-chasing together. We were passionate and authentic and vulnerable - and God did something unexplainable in our hearts. We experienced a divine season.

Then He dispersed us. Some to other cities - some to other states - and even one was sent around the world.

Today we don't see each other often. (Thank goodness for facebook and tweets and blogs!) Yet despite the distance - I know in a moment of need they would stand with me. As a matter of fact, they have already proven that. I hope they know I would do the same for them.

Thanks to Amy, Jonya, Beth, Wendy, Wendi, Betty, Cheryl, Kerri, Cindy, Ashley S, Ashley B, Sherla, Maria, Becky, Dianne, Donna, Michelle, Martha, Karen, Latrice, Yvonne, Loyce - and all my other beautiful Abilene friends - I know I missed some - You are still a sweet cluster to me!

You never know how long a season will last. Tough ones seem to go too slow, but sweet ones fly by. Sometimes you are in a very sweet season and you don't even realize it until it's gone. We had no idea that our season would end so soon, that it was so unique, or that it would never come again.

Transition will come, my friends - so let us seize the day! Make the most of the relationships we have and grow deep together.

See to it, brothers, (and sisters) that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God. But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today...Hebrews 3:12-13


Michelle Benami said...

You not only work PINK, you LIVE PINK! There is nothing like the sisterhood of our closest friends.

Anonymous said...

Man Michelle you hit that right on the head!! Those girls you were talking about how blessed they are to have you in their lives! God gives us Girlfriends and what a blessing they are!! I know I would drive a LONG WAY to hear you talk!!
Love Band of Sisters!!!
Love ya sister friend!!