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Monday, March 29, 2010

Pink Impact 2010 - 2 weeks and counting!

I can’t believe it’s finally here. I’ve been waiting on this gathering for so long…anticipating all that God wants to do…looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces…waiting for the moment we break into worship. Can you feel it? Pink Impact is on the horizon.

The original idea for this year’s theme “Permission Granted” came about from a discussion among our team. We were talking about the needs of women and one of the topics that arose was how many of us know God, love God, serve God - but seem to be waiting upon something – some one or even some opportunity - to be sure we are valued or needed or called by God. That one little conversation began a whole dialogue about God’s heart for women, His calling and our opportunity to respond.

From that one anointed discussion sprang countless strategy meetings about how to communicate God’s heart to you. We have an incredible creative team which helps us take ideas and turn them into amazing elements. We dream up things like special agents and secret missions and fun invitations. We extend speaker invitations to the best and brightest women we can find. We prayerfully recruit a large leadership team and assign major areas of responsibility. We launch in the fall, promote through the spring and meet together at the big event.

This year – more than any other – there will be an intentional message at Pink Impact designed to encourage you! Everything in Christ is yes and amen. He loves to say yes. He loves to empower, encourage, release, set free, disciple and equip for His God-given purposes – for your good and His glory.

We are very near to the time when all of our activity will shift. There are months of preparation for Pink Impact. And then a moment comes…and everything shifts.

It’s no longer about getting the service agenda correct, or the d├ęcor completed or even the number of registrations. A spiritual shift happens. Everything that is not done – just falls to the ground – and everyone begins to focus on the fact that the He is coming to meet with us.

Now I know He meets with us everyday and I know that we don’t need a special event to meet with Him. But I also know that when I am intentional – when I prepare my spirit – when I set aside time and place to meet with Him – He loves to show up. God comes to a prepared environment.

We are preparing. Everything we are doing is intentionally creating a safe place for you and God to meet. If you haven't made plans to be a part of Pink Impact, please reconsider your plans. Ask for help or invite a friend. Show up! We are waiting for you.

So this week – shift with me! Let’s set our sights above the planning required to get there. I know you are thinking about your childcare, making plans for transportation, reserving your hotel room, or even gathering your wardrobe. Do it all, but do it with anticipation in your spirit – a shift from the natural to the supernatural.

I’ll be praying for you this week. Asking God for divine favor to get here and a heart to anticipate His move. Together, we’ll sit at his feet, listen to His word, and receive from His hand.

I love you,

Friday, March 26, 2010

I have hair!

Hi friends,

I've given up my scarves, hats and wigs! I am ala-natural and let me tell you my hair is short! This photo was taken on the last day I wore a hat! It gives you a hint about just how short it really is. I've laughed several times about asking God for hair by Pink Impact. I definitely should have been more specific - "at least 2 inches" would have been smart! Prepare yourself - it's short and sassy and salt and pepper. It's been like freedom to just walk out the door again. You should be a little jealous - it takes me about 10 seconds to style!

Pink Impact is only a few days away and everywhere I go, ladies are getting excited with me. At this point, I'm just wishing it was time! The only thing left for me to do is finish my talk. Would you pray for me? I have my thoughts - I just need the final order to come together. Got some tips from my sweet friend Lynda Grove yesterday to help me organize and prioritize - so one more day of prep and then prayer, prayer, prayer!

As soon as Pink Impact is over - I am headed out to the other side of the world! I'm going to Israel. In six weeks, my feet will be in the "mother land." I've wanted to go to Israel for a really long time. My longing to visit was really birthed during a season of my life when I was participating in Bible Study Fellowship. The year we studied the book of Genesis was life changing for me. The more I studied the more I understood my Jewish roots and the importance God places on this little parcel of land.

When the opportunity came up, my heart leaped a little. I wanted to go but didn't think it was realistic. Finally I mentioned it to Mark. He didn't say much at first - just waited me out I think. One day while driving to one more doctor appointment, I just realized, "what am I waiting for?" Really - what am I waiting for?

Surely this year I've come to realize that we really only have this moment. There are a lot of reasons to wait - wait til the kids are grown, wait til I feel stronger, wait til Mark can go with me, wait til I can afford it...the list goes on and on...I'm over waiting. I'm not waiting anymore. With the permission of my husband and my physician - I'm going now!

I got to meet both Francine Rivers and Beth Moore last week! Surprises in the future from Francine Rivers if you are a Gateway woman! I am reading her new book and it is a page turner! Love her writings and I know you do too. When I met Beth Moore we were standing on the second floor of Barnes and Nobles in Southlake. I pointed out the window at the brand new Gateway campus out the window and said something about how much we would love to host her. Wouldn't it be a dream for her to join us at future Pink Impacts? I also picked up her new book on insecurity and it's hitting me between the eyes!

I've been thinking a lot about the process of cancer recovery lately. I'm at about 9 months into my treatment and although I'd like to be finished, I realized this week that there is a certain comfort in this stage. I am overcoming the enemy, regaining strength and growing hair, all while still receiving intensive treatment. Every three weeks I stop and fire some massive ammunition at the heart of the disease - a warning shot that says I am standing guard! You will not overtake me!

I am thinking that it might be more "scary" to stop chemo. What happens when you are not being so aggressive? When you stop fighting with drugs and only fight with faith?

I don't know if I'm ready. I don't know if I'm courageous enough.

As I type this morning, I am so acutely aware of you. I am grateful for your "read" and praying a rich blessing of courage, faith and hope for you. Whatever your need or your dream, our God knows and is able. Let's trust Him for the measure of faith required each day. We have enough courage for today.

You are a miracle in my life!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Where I've been and where I'm going!

Hi friends,

I apologize for my long period of silence. I rise each morning thinking today is the day I'll blog - and then the sun goes down and so does my body - and I rise up the next day finding I still haven't stopped by to visit. I feel like old friends are really important! I have so many things on my heart these days that I want to share - but I'm going to start today with just a Pink Impact update. This will give you an idea of where I've been...

In the past few weeks, I've been working mostly on Pink Impact 2011. That's right, 2011! We are developing our theme, guest list, schedule, pricing, and plan. We will be in our new building which all by itself makes for major conference changes. For one - all of us will be together at one gathering! 4,000 seats - just imagine that. Last week our team toured the new facility and it is breath taking in scope. Our imaginations are sparked by all the potential and careful thought put into each space. It's not just a building - it's a life center! So many wonderful God encounters will happen in this place and some of the first ones will happen at Pink Impact 2011.

Pink Impact 2010 is only six weeks away! Wow! Special surprises and gifts are arriving daily - t-shirts came last week! We are working on the final details of stage design, service agenda's, special surprises, etc. Our teams are in full tilt - working hard to make every moment of the conference a place for encouragement and hope.

In the past few weeks, we've met with Christine Caine and Priscilla Shirer. Both ladies are so excited about joining us for the week and of course - we're pretty excited ourselves. Christine will be sharing some updates on what's going on with her ministry and especially the A21 campaign. Miracles are happening daily! I just read Priscilla's newest Bible study - One in a Million. It will make you really appreciate how uniquely God fashions each of us for His purposes. Watch for the opportunity to know her better when the upcoming issue of Studio G is published. I also just read Dr. Leaf's new book about giftings and I'm listening to her new CD about the neurological differences between men and women. I can practically feel the trees in my brain growing as I listen. As I get to know these ladies, my anticipation builds for our gathering. There is so much enthusiasm and authenticity and power in their messages. God help us to prepare!

There's a lot going on in my personal life as well.

My mom in law has been through a rough patch, and is currently in a skilled nursing facility. She pretty much hates it, which may be a blessing in disguise. We've seen her zeal and tenacity rise again as she works to regain her strength. My sister in law has been a rock in this situation and is blowing my mind with her capacity to serve.

I have some very exciting news! I'm going to Israel in May. I've been interested in going to Israel for 15 years. Mark and I have talked about it numerous times. I'll be travelling with a Gateway Mission Group lead by Mary Jo Pierce, Pastor of the Prayer and Intercession Department. We'll be visiting a lot of famous places but mostly we'll be seeking to know Christ more through the experience. I feel like this is such a sweet gift to me. My doctor has given permission and so has my husband! I'll leave about two weeks after Pink Impact. Can you believe it?

And finally - health! I am continuing more chemo treatments. It seems my doctor is a careful and prudent man who believes I can beat this disease completely. He's asking me to endure more, longer. I've taken it before the Lord and Mark and I are in agreement. We continue until God says enough. Wednesday will be round 12. I am doing exceedingly well in the process. My biggest battle is always in my mind. I am daily required to trust God more and to worry less. I find it interesting that I am growing stronger in my Spirit, in my legs, in the length of my hair and in my compassion - all while a battle comes around every three weeks to wage war in my body and against my mind. God help me to be steadfast.

I met with some awesome ladies last week who also blog. They were talking about how they hate long blogs and just won't read them. They said they update their blogs a couple of times a week. Needless to say, I kept my mouth shut and didn't even tell them that I blog. I sure didn't want to confess that I am the queen of long blogs! Please forgive me for being a woman of many words and few entries. I don't have an agenda with my blog, except to share my heart while shouting to anyone who will listen about how faithful is our God!

I love and appreciate you. Thanks for the read.