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Monday, March 29, 2010

Pink Impact 2010 - 2 weeks and counting!

I can’t believe it’s finally here. I’ve been waiting on this gathering for so long…anticipating all that God wants to do…looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces…waiting for the moment we break into worship. Can you feel it? Pink Impact is on the horizon.

The original idea for this year’s theme “Permission Granted” came about from a discussion among our team. We were talking about the needs of women and one of the topics that arose was how many of us know God, love God, serve God - but seem to be waiting upon something – some one or even some opportunity - to be sure we are valued or needed or called by God. That one little conversation began a whole dialogue about God’s heart for women, His calling and our opportunity to respond.

From that one anointed discussion sprang countless strategy meetings about how to communicate God’s heart to you. We have an incredible creative team which helps us take ideas and turn them into amazing elements. We dream up things like special agents and secret missions and fun invitations. We extend speaker invitations to the best and brightest women we can find. We prayerfully recruit a large leadership team and assign major areas of responsibility. We launch in the fall, promote through the spring and meet together at the big event.

This year – more than any other – there will be an intentional message at Pink Impact designed to encourage you! Everything in Christ is yes and amen. He loves to say yes. He loves to empower, encourage, release, set free, disciple and equip for His God-given purposes – for your good and His glory.

We are very near to the time when all of our activity will shift. There are months of preparation for Pink Impact. And then a moment comes…and everything shifts.

It’s no longer about getting the service agenda correct, or the décor completed or even the number of registrations. A spiritual shift happens. Everything that is not done – just falls to the ground – and everyone begins to focus on the fact that the He is coming to meet with us.

Now I know He meets with us everyday and I know that we don’t need a special event to meet with Him. But I also know that when I am intentional – when I prepare my spirit – when I set aside time and place to meet with Him – He loves to show up. God comes to a prepared environment.

We are preparing. Everything we are doing is intentionally creating a safe place for you and God to meet. If you haven't made plans to be a part of Pink Impact, please reconsider your plans. Ask for help or invite a friend. Show up! We are waiting for you.

So this week – shift with me! Let’s set our sights above the planning required to get there. I know you are thinking about your childcare, making plans for transportation, reserving your hotel room, or even gathering your wardrobe. Do it all, but do it with anticipation in your spirit – a shift from the natural to the supernatural.

I’ll be praying for you this week. Asking God for divine favor to get here and a heart to anticipate His move. Together, we’ll sit at his feet, listen to His word, and receive from His hand.

I love you,


minda312 said...

great post :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you read Mary Forsythe's post on Kingdom's FB page, "Shuffling the Deck?" Hmmm. Think God is saying something here.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone told you lately that you have beautiful feet? ;-)


Unknown said...

I feel the shifting... been praying through it and last weekend I heard God say it's already done. Hmmm.....I'm ready.

Last.year God gave me a couple of definitions that go with "Permission Granted". Liberty is the permission to be free. Christ has already.set at liberty the captives. I began to question the difference between freedom and liberty. He sort of showed me all these sitting in jail cells where the doors are wide open. These are like people who are set at liberty. The only thing keeping them from being free is their willingness to get up and walk through the doorway.

Through this I learned that liberty is the permission to be free, but true freedom comes when we rise and walk our what He has called us north to do.

I feel the earth move under my feet.... Shift.

love you.

Anonymous said...

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