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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The In Between...

Pink Impact 2010 Operation Alpha is now history!

What an honor to serve with Priscilla, Christine and Caroline! Miriam and Kari are incredible. The women that I work with are amazing! Watching all of us work together to create an environment where women can receive a word of truth has been a blast. Love my job - just saying!

What an amazing group of "special agents" reported for duty! You went some places in the spirit I couldn't have imagined and experienced a sense of unity I had only dared to dream about. Thanks for totally going for it! Thanks for your faithfulness! Thanks for your willingness to show up. Praying for you tonight and trusting God will encourage you as you head back home.

Now we are in the "in between"...

I know there are a many packing their bags tonight. They are running around getting everything ready so they can set aside the daily in order to encounter the sacred. They won't be disappointed!

Me either! I'm finishing up a load of laundry, celebrating my husband's birthday and checking my checking account balance. Just the ordinary things of life that we do everyday. But...at the same time...I have a song in my spirit and a skip in my walk. I can feel the vibration of His spirit and His word. He's near to us! More to come. Surprises for all of us in the next few days.

Whether you are coming in or going out - please know we love you! You were prayed for today! We believe in you. We think you are awesome. You are a world changer!

You are so PINK!


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Linnae said...

you are an incredible woman. i feel blessed to know you! yay for three more days!!

Michelle W said...

it was amazing and I cannot wait to get into Operation B. thanks for all you have done to make this possible. GW has an incredible team! :) so blessed to be a small part. :)

Anonymous said...

This was my first Pink Impact. I went in feeling, " what's the big deal? ok, ok I signed up" I walked out feeling on fire, stirred up, I felt God, God spoke to us all, I had prophetic words, felt directly impacted...my life is changed forever. NOW, I have to listen and find my place to help serve God. Hoping the little birds "seen" landing on my arms help guide me.
Jan, you were absolutely amazing. You are such a blessing to Gateway.