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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good news!

Hi friends,

I am so relieved to share with you that today my PEP scan came back clear. This means that the cancer has not spread to other organs in my body like lungs, liver or kidneys. Obviously, this is wonderful news. There are a few more tests still waiting results, but we are making progress. I also had an echocardiogram today and they said my heart was great!

Here's some more good news! A very precious friend of mine from my Abilene days, Amy Trabold, is flying in from Minnesota to spend a few days with me. Amy knows me well - really well - like been in your closet when it was a wreck well. She'll be here in time to go to chemo with me, staying for a few days to help me get some things in order for the kids, and be here to walk me through the first few days (please pray I cope well with the side effects.) I'm so exited and honored that she would come so far on such short notice to say she loves me. I know a lot of you would do the same if you could.

One of the things I'm going to have her help me with is figure out exactly what kind of help I need and how to ask for it. She's very practical and I trust she'll help me figure out how to ask for and receive help.

Tomorrow will be a long day. They tell me my treatment will take several hours - I guess I'm getting the super duper mix! I'm taking my computer and my phone so hopefully I can keep myself entertained with facebook and blogs! Maybe I'll send a note from the room...

Special prayer requests today:
Mark -- he's really tired and working extremely hard in the heat. A lot on his mind.
Chemo starts at 10 tomorrow. Would love some prayers for courage during that time.

Your posts today were such a blessing to me. As we drove to the various tests, I read them outloud to my mom and to Ashley. I'd laugh, then cry, then breath. I am so blessed by your support. So please keep writing. It's a joy to hear from you.

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

Lots of people will be praying at 10am, Jan. At the church, in personal homes, and wherever people that love you are. Just know that this whole day and all of this will be bathed in prayer. God is so big and I am glad he loves you so passionately. He wants you to be well more than we do--however that is possible.

Thanks for the updates. They help us pray effectively and strategically.

Love ya,

kim yates said...

Don't forget to take your Ipod with you too. You can listen to music and download some movies. You might want to take a snack with you too. I know that sounds weird, but you'll probably be there thru lunchtime. Be sure to drink lots of water and gatorade following your treatment. The G2 is really good and has less calories. I'll be praying for you. Love, Kim

Amy Ford said...

GREAT NEWS Jan!!! I am still praying and will def be praying at 10 am tomorrow! i am so glad you have someone to stay with you and please let her know she can call me for anything!

Lynnell Tysl said...

I'm sooo happy today for so many things... first CLEAR test! Thank you Jesus for that, 2nd that your friend Amy is coming to care for you and most importantly you are my FRIEND!!Ever since I heard about this I have had you on you on my heart and in my prayers in the AM during the day at night and during the night! I know you well enough to know you don't like to ask for help... but for the years I have worked with you and known you, you don't like to ask but Jan now is the time to take ALL of our help for everything! God gave you all of us and we are ALL just waiting to hear our CALL.I have recieved MANY MANY emails asking "What can I do?" What can I bring her and the family?? We know you would be first at our door..
I am so moved when I read your FB and this blog at how LOVED you are!!! I always knew you were PINK to the heart!!! We are all going to be together at 10 praying and not stopping till GOD heals!!!
I love you my sweet friend~! Lynnell

Anonymous said...

On my knees at 10!
You have my phone numbers, call if you get bored!

Kathy Overton said...

Thinking about you on the way home from work last night and the chemo that you will be receiving today. The Lord really impressed upon me that his Word is so ingrained in you that it even flows through your veins - and what is His Word but the Sword of the Spirit.

So, while you are receiving chemo, remember that not only is the chemo attacking the cancer cells but the Sword of the Spirit is there as well - going before the chemo attacking and destroying those cancer cells.

Love you Jan!

Nicole said...

Precious Jan,
Please know I love you dearly and our whole family will be praying for you at 10. I pray for supernatural courage, grace and comfort for you and your whole family. You are more than a conqueror through Him who loves you.

Nicole and The Graves Fam

Tammy M. said...

So glad to be keeping up with you on your journey. SO glad Amy will be with your for several days. She always has such a calming presence around her. Your next year or so will have ups and downs, but God will show himself more real and more mighty to you than you would ever imagine. May He delight you in the most unlikely times and may He shine His face so brightly upon you that you feel like you can see nothing but Him. Love you so very much.

The Durham's said...

Hallelujah is the only fitting thing to say! Words cannot express the Glory of our God through you. Praying that He will continue to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could think or imagine. Love you.