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Thursday, June 25, 2009

One more gift!

These beautiful roses were brought to me from my sweet co-workers, Elisa Michieli. Some of you might know that I have worked very closely with Elisa for the past couple of years and she is very precious to me. We share an office, hearts, and life. I'm missing her a lot during these weeks at home! She said she picked them because they were happy flowers. Elisa - you are a happy flower in my life. Thank you so much for coming to encourage me.


Unknown said...

PJ, I love the blog it's great! We continue to pray for you and the GWoo's and will do WHATEVER we can to help in ANY way! You are loved tremendously by the Lafuente's!!


Anonymous said...

Jan - Amy and I thank you for the time and prayers you invested in our Madeline and we will keep you and your family covered in prayer daily as you walk this out. We will keep checking the blog for prayer direction. God bless and keep you - you are going to get through this - Casey and Amy.

TMOPRAYS said...

Praying that today goes as well for you as the past few. It looks like you are bring showered in love. God truly loves you, and He has brought come lovely people into your life.

You are a blessing to me. What a testimony you have, and I love the blog. I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer.

Thank you for being a blessing to me in my life with your positive attitude and sharing the love of God to us.

Tina Marie

coleen said...

Jan, Great blog.Thank you for sharing this very difficult situation. You do it with such class and grace. As always, You are an inspiration to me. As I write you, I hope that you are still feeling well. I , like all the people that you have touched , would love to help you out in anyway you need. Just ask... I will continue to lift you, Mark the kiddos and Marilyn up in prayer. Love Ya, Coleen

Lynnell said...

Sweet Jan I was sitting here and God put you in my mind (well honestly its been there A LOT lately) and was hoping today was a good day for you and got some rest!
And enjoying these beautiful flowers! Those are Happy Flowers!!
Just like YOU beautiful and Happy!!
I was by the office today and missed seeing you and getting my hug!! Love you so much! Lynnell

Kim Fox said...

Hi Sweet Jan I wanted to share with you we are in Breckenridge Colorado I had the Privilege of watching the Avon Breast cancer walk finishing in Breckenridge it was so awesome to see so many survivors .It took my breath away because you are going to be one of those beautiful woman and we are going to be cheering you on !
Hang in there and rest and let all your sisters love on you and do whatever needs to be done ! I Love you ! Kim Fox