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Friday, October 2, 2009

Notes from an old journal

Today I was searching for something in my office and I came across an old journal entry from the Summer of 2008. It spoke to me again. I decided to share...

You are enough for me. I trust. I stand on the precipe of change. Voices everywhere whisper words of threat. Every step seems loaded with trepidation. I'm looking, listening for you. I find it hard to come to the edge of the precipe and stand still. I hear you say free fall. I lean into the wind and just fall. If you slay me, still I will praise you. I'm falling. Changing places. Moving into postion. Trusting. Afraid, but trusting. Persecuted, but not held back. As I fall, I begin to smile. What was fearful is now restful. I wait. You will do what you will do. Mercy on whom you will have mercy. All things together for my good? Okay. Since you say so. Nothing is impossible for you. Even disappointment will work for my good. I bow down in the moment of pressure and molding. I trust you.

He is faithful and we can trust him! Hope you will lean into the wind with me and just free fall. What was fearful is now restful!



penny said...

I so needed to hear that! Thank you for sharing.
Once again your ability to share the deep secrets of your soul, allow the rest of us to see God and somehow know deep down that God does have it all under control if we will just as you said, "free fall" and watch Him do what He does best!
Love you so much,
Walking the journey

Jan... keep walking there are no chairs in the Valley!!

Michelle W said...

All I can say is, wow! That is an amazing piece. Thanks so much for sharing this. :) Deep.

sacha said...

Thank you for your beautiful wisdom! It reminds me of the story I read about trees that were grown in a bubble that had no wind and because they had no resistance they would fall over! I used to fear the wind, but now I realize I am sustained in Him and He will be the calm in the wind of life!