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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Praise Jesus for His Sacrifice!

So thrilled to update you on my doctor visit this morning. My PET scan is totally clear showing no evidence of disease! When my doctor shared, I simply jumped out of my chair and started leaping in the air. I think I almost hit him! He told me to stop it so I wouldn't break my hip. Big tears and big smiles all around. Mark was with me and I just sat down in his lap and gave him a big hug.

Relief is so sweet! How I wish each of you could experience the release that I experienced this morning. Waiting on the Lord and believing for a natural manifestation of what you know in your spirit has been a stretch of my faith as never before. I have had to believe more deeply, declare more loudly and stand more firmly. Even now I sense again that standing is still required! Each of us must take our spiritual position, lift our sword and shield and stand until the natural aligns with His Word and His promise. Hard to do but easy to say! Compassion is being expanded in my heart.

Even though I am healed, treatment will continue out of wisdom. I am receiving chemo today. I was told early on that every round of chemo you can tolerate significantly contributes toward cancer not returning. Cancer cells are microscopic and every cell simply can't be detected by our current tools. Therefore I am taking chemo today and in the future to ensure we are destroying any secret rogue cells that might still be hiding!

I will see a new surgeon this week and together we will determine the plan of action. I am anticipating a lumpectomy early in December, followed by targetted radiation. In addition, my doctor will continue chemo post surgery. When you cut the body you can cause any cells in the primary tumor location that are unknown to be released into the blood stream - therefore - attack again! He tells me that I could have up to another six months or so of chemo - but with a different "cocktail" that will be much easier on my body. Even a possibility of my hair beginning to grow!

I will also be receiving a drug called herceptin (a hormone blocker) for up to a year. Since the cancer is estrogen and herceptin sensitive, I will be controlling these areas for a long time to come. Again - he tells me that herceptin is easy on my system and I should tolerate the treatment much more easily than the current regimine of drugs.

All in all, it was a remarkable day.

When I pulled into the parking lot this morning I remembered the day I pulled in and received a confirmation that indeed I was bearing breast cancer in my body. As I battled with apprehension, I reminded myself that it will be a better report than that. Asked God to make me steadfast and strong regardless of the outcome. So grateful I've learned that a bad report does not equal a bad God. He's good all the time, standing ready to meet our need, uphold our hands and deposit new measures of faith.

While I am rejoicing, I am keenly aware of many near and dear to me who have not received a manifestation of healing. I feel humbled that I have been granted a reprieve of sorts while others are deeply in the battle. Praying that God would do for each of us what he has done for me. I pray to be mantled to be a minister of healing. That I could share both my testimony and my faith - and that would create an environment for knowing Jesus as Jehovah Rapha - the God that heals me!

How can I thank each of you for your continued faith and support over the past few months and even in the days ahead? I am also keenly aware of the tremendous prayer support that has been mine. You are a blessing. A mighty army. Amazing friends. Gifted encouragers. Strength bearers. Powerful Intercessors. I am grateful for every prayer, card, meal, and thought that you have sent my way. I have been humbled by the process of learning to receive and in my weakness made grateful for your gifts of love. Thank you so much!

I (Jan) will extol the Lord at all times;
his praise will always be on my (Jan's) lips.
My (Jan's) soul will boast in the Lord;
let the afflicted (that's me - and some of you) hear and rejoice.
Glorify the Lord with me (Jan);
let us (you and me) exalt his name together.
Ps. 34:1-3

I am deeply blessed!



Anonymous said...

Jan, I can see you jumping for joy! I am praising God with you even as I ask for His continued healing and strength for you. Love you!

A'Lisa Brooks

Laura G said...


My eyes are filled with tears as I read your good report!! I have been so blessed by your stong courage, and unrelenting faith through this journey. I am speechless as to the Lord's goodness, I am in utter amazement of His power! Thank you for sharing every small detail, every embarassment, all of the medical education, and for consistantly standing on THE Rock that will NEVER fail! You are an inspiration and a jewel. Love you so much.

Jenn Wilson said...

Hallelujah hallelujah! I'm so overjoyed for you Jan!

The Durham's said...

There are no words, Jan, just utter awe and amazement at the power of our God!! Rejoicing loudly!!! Love you!

Mary Jo Pierce said...

Dearest Jan,
What JOY! In the process of your body healing; God has used you to heal HIS Church Body, to encourage HIS Church Body, to pray for HIS Church Body.... in the process of your walking with HIM, you allowed us to walk with you and draw closer to HIM. Dear One, thank you for sharing the journey - and I look forward to co-laboring in all the tomorrows! Love, Mary Jo

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I am SOOOOOO happy! I have been believing this for you! God is so good.

Thank you for sharing this amazing news. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

You will WIN this battle completely! I know it! :)


Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Praise The Lord!!! We are rejoicing with you on your wonderful report. You are such an inspiration to all of us with your strength and faith. We will keep up the prayers...Love You, The Brisky Family

Jennifer said...

Amazing!! God IS SO GOOD!!!!! He is SO FAITHFUL!!!!! I am so happy to hear this!