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Monday, January 4, 2010

Health Update

When I returned to my physician in December for the next round of chemo, we ran into a change of plans. I was having some significant side effects from a drug called taxotere. It was effecting my nervous system causing me neuropathy in my feet and legs. It was getting significant and I felt I was deteriorating in my strength. Once I got my doctor's attention about this matter, he immediately stopped in his tracks and restrategized. After some discussion, the decision was made to continue up to four more rounds of chemo, but with a combination of drugs that were the "protocol" for my stage of treatment before the release of taxotere. The good news is that these drugs do not have nerve impact side effects and they even call it "light chemo."

A week ago today I returned (after a 5 week break from chemo) and received the new (old) drugs (round #9). I am so excited to tell you that it has indeed been "light" for me. I did not experience the difficult lethargy and tiredness of the previous treatments. I have had some minor nausea and needed a few naps - but overall I have tolerated this treatment with ease.

I am also happy to report that the neuropathy is improving. One of the reasons he stopped the drug is that sometimes nerve damage is not reversible. As soon as I heard that - it really discouraged me. My friend Lynda reminded me that if God can heal me from cancer, He can certainly address the after effects of neuropathy. Surely, I would not come through this struggle healed of the disease but lamed for life. I've been speaking to the neuropathy and commanding it to go right along with any hidden cancer cells.

I am so much improved in this area that during this week off from work, I have been on my feet almost all day attending to household chores I haven't been able to do in forever. From laundry to putting away the Christmas decor to cleaning all three of my boys rooms (yuck!), I have pressed through the fatigue and been able to go on. I took a walk around the block again. I am determined to work on my strength so that I can be prepared to be on my feet for a lot of hours by the time Pink Impact arrives.

I am headed into the doctor this morning to check my white cello counts. If I can by-pass this one final side effect of low counts, I will be "in the pink" so to speak.

Like many of you, I am returning to work this morning after a break for the Christmas holiday. I pray that you and I are refreshed, renewed and inspired to begin again. That 2010 will be a year that brings glory to the Father. That you will chase hard after your dreams and that many will hear and see and know our God.

Thanks for your continued prayers! I am so blessed by you!


PS - My hair has started to grow back. Would you mind praying that the new drugs won't cause it to fall out? It's white and fuzzy and very curly and odd looking - but it's mine! I'd really like to keep it!


Cindy Kelley said...

Hello again my dear friend!!! Jan you never cease to amaze me with your incredible heart and attitude! I love your spirit to continue to have energy and strentgh to contiue sharing the gospel, NO MATTER WHAT!
You GO GIRL!!!
Standing in prayer and agreement with you everyday!
Love you
Cindy Kelley

minda312 said...

yes yes yes!!!!

that is all. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love you Jan! I'm still standing along side you here in the trenches fighting for your health. I will not stop or give up!! God is healing and restoring everything in your body from the top of your head to the souls of your feet. You are such a blessing!!!!
Lisa M

The Durham's said...

I just love rejoicing with you over these reports! They bless my heart and boost my faith tremendously:) Will continue to pray for the details of the final healing process, and that He continues to shed light on your next steps!! Can't wait to see you again:) Praying!!!

Amy Pennington said...

Thanks for the update! Always love hearing what the Lord is doing in your walk. God Bless and I will definitely keep you and your hair in my prayers:)