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Monday, April 19, 2010

It is done! Time to celebrate!

Hi friends,

I am so excited to say - it is done! Pink Impact 2010 was all that we dreamed and more! Thanks to all of you for your participation, support, prayer and encouragement. Not only was I personally blown away by God's grace, power and purposes for us - but our entire team - all 400+ volunteers and our staff - were transformed by the experience. What a joy to work with so many God-honoring people. What a joy to worship with so many God-chasers!

I hope you are filled with hope, determination and potential. God broke up our soil, planted an amazing amount of seed in our hearts, spoke His blessing over His work, and now we wait to see! In due season, you will reap a harvest. I would love to know more about what he did in your heart - so if you dare - post a comment and testify!

It was an honor to share my testimony with you. Thanks again for all the positive feedback and encouragement. It was my pleasure to stir your faith in His faithfulness. I hope you feel the authority of God on His word and that you are determined to overcome! Many of you asked me for more details or to even write about the prayer portion of my teaching. I'll do my best to get some of that done in the next few weeks.

Now comes point 3 of my talk - rest! I'm going to rest. I want you to rest. Don't "blink" past this moment! Stop and really appreciate His presence. I wrote in article in Studio G about what to do after a mountain top encounter with Christ. I hope you will take a moment and check it out. In the meantime, thank Him for your pink blessing - whatever it was.

Thanks for the read - I love you dearly! You are very pink!


TMOPRAYS said...

Sensational...the Pink Impact Bravo was simply sensational.

I came expecting to be blessed, and I walked away more than blessed. I feel ready to brave the world with my love for Father, and I want to impact lives.

Christine Caine was out of this world. Priscilla Shirer was amazing, and Dr. Caroline Leaf simply magnificant. God has truly gifted these women each in a special way.

Jan, you are an amazing woman of God, and I was totally encouraged by your words.

All I have to say is if you did not get to attend this year's Pink Impact, then you need to get tickets for 2011. I feel like I can now go beyond...beyond and totally equipped to make a difference in the world.

God is good, and I believe that many lives were touched, changed, and freed at Pink Impact. Thank you to all the leaders for their vision and faithfulness to do what God has called them to do so well.

I can't wait for next year's event. Praying you get some well deserved rest, and God refuels you to take on what He has in store for you next.

B R A V O!!!! on a great conference.

Jean McCracken said...

Hello Jan, i have just found your blog - it's amazing! I also have a blog but just a little one which I'm very sporadic with! I too had the name of cancer spoken over my life in June 2009 - there followed mastectomy, chemotherapy & radiotherapy but so much more significantly was God's presence and detail on the journey. Yes praise God there is healing power in His word and when we just get to really know and trust Him He does amazing things with our lives. I have received His healing and give Him all the glory. I pray God will bless you as you share more of His grace (unmerited favour) in your life. Isn't it just so exciting how he connects us sisters from all over His world! Love and blessings from Ireland xx