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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chemo Day One!

Dear friends,

Today was chemo day one. Before I started, I met with my doctor who said the the brain CT scan looked great and that my heart also is healthy. I do have to do 2 additional MRI's next week as he wants to be very thorough. So far all additional tests have been excellent. Amy arrived to sit with me just as I finished my doctor appointment. She took great care of me today - Thanks, Amy!

At 10:00 I sat down to meet with the doctor. I knew a group of friends were meeting to pray for me at the same time! I sat down in the room by myself, put my phone down, closed my eyes and imagined myself in the room with all those precious people. I thought about how I would want to receive if I were there and began to pray in the Spirit. Right away I felt the presence of God. Peace just came upon me again. He stayed with me all day. Amy says I acted really nice in the chemo room - so I guess that a sign! I just want you to know that my family and I can feel the power of your prayers. We are literally moving in a peace that has to be supernatural. I don't have adequate words to express my appreciation, but my heart is bleeding love and gratitude.

Apparently the next two days are the most potentially difficult for me. One of the drugs they gave me is red in color and when they hung the bag the whole room gasped. They call it the red devil because of it's reputation for side effects. I will be taking a lot of nausea meds and steriods for the next two days to keep things in check. I feel great tonight and believe I'll feel good tomorrow.

Wig shopping is on the immediate future. I will probably begin to lose my hair within the next two weeks. I'm trying to believe what I know, that it's just hair - but you know I am vain and I wish this one would pass on by! So many things are worse for my others, you would think I could just let it pass on by. My friend Jonya Schuman - who is also battling this same disease - please add her to your prayers - tells me that there is a certain freedom in it once you accept it. Just flip on your hair on and you look great! I pray to have half the grace, wisdom and sense of humor about the whole thing that she does! She is a sister to me in every way! Now even more!

I'm remembering many of you also walking through personal issues. There is enough prayer to bless us all. May God's peace roll back on to each of you. May He assign a warrior to you. May He whisper his hope and love. May you be comforted. May you know Him deeply, passionately, personally.

I love you,


Angie Monroe said...

Well, My sweet Jan, we prayed for you in our Business Admin meeting this morning as well. I love you so much, and because of my love for you I especially love Mark, Ashley. John, Luke and Matthew because they truly give you energy and joy. Please know that we are praying for them as much as we are praying for you.

We are Armed, and Ready to Fight!
Love Ya,

amy ford said...

i was in my office this morning and i looked at my computer clock and it was 10:03 am... I started praying and i knew about everyone at the church praying and it was like i could feel all the prayers ... i felt His presence - it was thick ... God has His hand on you.

Laura G said...

Your posts give me chills Jan. How could I be so encouraged by someone going through something as difficult as you are? You never cease to amaze me woman! I want to rename that stupid "Devil bag" the "Blood of Jesus" bag! ;) I love you and I am continually praying for you. You are so strong....if even now I could have an ounce of your faith I know my life would be different. Love you.

Laura Oglesby

Tammy M. said...

When Jack's hair started falling out, he decided he wanted to shave it off. It was easier to make the decision to have it gone than watch it fall out all over his school papers.

I don't know if you know Whitney Smith but she goes to Southern Hills. She battled breast cancer several years ago and when her hair grew back it was twice as thick with incredible curl. I love it!!!

The moment you need God's strength and power it will be with you, I have found that it comes when it is needed, not when we are almost to the point of needing it. So when it comes time to wear a wig, you will have the confidence in your situation because at that moment you will be filled with just what you need to know it is from our sweet Father.

Your gorgeous no matter how much hair you have on your head. Love you so very much. Give Amy a big squeeze for me.

Yvonne said...

Precious sister -
I'm so glad to hear Amy will be visiting you. You know I've always thought you were beautiful. Inside and out. Hair or no hair. Tammy and I also know another wonderful surviving example of this and had the same result when her hair grew back. I hope to be traveling soon to see my kiddos that are you way. I would love nothing better than for it to be time I can share with you as well. I love you, Jan. I'll like you for always and I'll love you forever.

Lynnell said...

I'm with Laura that needs a new name!! During the prayer time this AM at Church I had such a sense of calm and peace and was praying you felt the same thing! And I know you are God's Princess and he has you in his hands!
About the wig deal I can help you there and I am on call for YOU..... I would be honored to help you there.... We'll get you a sassy one!! I love you sweet friend
As I go to bed tonight I'm praying God gives you no sickness and rest!

Brenda Peterson said...

Jan, you floor me. You are truly an amazing, amazing person. I sat down at 10am and read Ps. 91 with your name in it and such incredible faith rose up in me. It was for you. It's gonna be God's own dose of medicine over and over. Awesome stuff. Thanks for the update. You are so special to like 8000 or so of us!

sacha said...

The Love of Jesus pours out of you & it is not so amazing that those who know you well or maybe have even just met you, stand & fight with you!! I met you at Pink on the last day when the one fire God chick's girl spoke! I came to thank you for all you did, and providing a way for volunteers to more easily go & scholarships provided! You are gracious & as loving as someone you would meet in a very small church who doesn't see anyone as a number! God has so many lined up, fighting in the spirit for you! When I saw your facebook, I immediately began interceeding for you & the Lord has written your need on my heart, as I'm sure so many of your brothers & sisters feel! You are surrounded by His spirit & your arms are held up by your family in Christ! You will overcome! We will overcome! He has overcome by the blood of the lamb! We rejoice in each victory & thank Him in advance for the victories He's paid for! He is the Lord that heal's YOU! Even as you fight your own battle, you know only how to bless & encourage others! You walk in His spirit & His life blood flows through you! Thank you for telling us how to specifically interceed for you!We only know one way to fight & that us wholeheartedly, passionately standing & fighting for what He has already redeemed!! Hallelujah! Your breast, body, and ever fiber created by Him in His image is made whole by Him & through Him! You are so wrapped in His love! Praying with you! Sacha

Anonymous said...

Jan, Your amazing! You are in my thoughts and prayers today. Keep the spirit and the sense of humor, it is contagious. Love you and the flowers are just as beautiful as you are. Smiles today :) :) :)

Dawn Stahl said...

Hey Jan,
The anonymous is me (Dawn StahlD), I am still trying to figure this all out. lol I figure you would get a good laugh out of this.

Michelle Benami said...

I vote with Laura - Let's just turn that whole "red bag" thing right around! Jesus, we thank you for your precious blood which flows with healing power through Jan during her treatment. We thank you for the knowledge you have given the doctors and we ask for supernatural healing through this symbolic representation of your blood which saves us, retores us, and washes us clean! NO RED DEVIL HERE!!! Amen!!

Lisa M. said...

My Warrior in Pink,
Your are a gift from God to all of us Jan!! The emenemy does NOT know who he is messing with...yet. We are all here to fight with you and hold you up. God is a good God and he loves you more than any of us ever could. He still works miracles...praise the Lord! He has made every part of your body and I speak to you body and tell it too BE HEALED in JESUS name. I love you Jan.

Warrior Sisters in Christ,
Lisa M.

Julie said...

You can do this! You are so strong and you have so many prayer warriors lifting you up. Funny thing that someone used the word "sassy" about your wig. The wig shop that my friend owns is Miss Sassy's. I would be happy to take you and I know they would take great care of you. Their website is www.sassywigs.com if you want to check them out.

We love you and we're all praying for you.

Love you,


Lemonade Lady said...

Jan, you are amazing. In your precious way, you have encouraged me to walk taller and bolder for God. Thank you for loving me even as you are being so loved. Our God is awesome. By the way, my sweet daughter just had her long hair cut and donated to Locks of Love. There are no coincidences in God's world! I love the statement, "there is a certain freedom in it once you accept it." How sweetly simple! I love you!

Melissa Terry said...

I love you so much and I am so proud of you for facing the "red devil" and saying it must bow down to the King! I wish I was there to hug you and give you a long foot and back rub.



Anonymous said...

Oh, Jan, we are soo with you! Thanks for sharing the details; it helps us know how to pray. I'm praying for you, girl! You're a warrior, you're a winner, Jesus is victorious in you! God bless you with everything you need today. Here's a hug. :)
Judy Woodliff