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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Greetings from the sidelines!

Hi team,

I'm posting an update from my phone while sitting on the sidelines of Matthew's football scrimage. I've been wanting to post an update for days but find that having time in the evening at the computer is challenging. All 3 boys are practicing for fall football and our nights from 5 to 8 are no longer our own. Not complaining. I love it. Just explaining.

In addition I've been working hard on all things related to Pink Impact, especially writing all the pre event copy. For those of you who might not know one of my primary responsibilites in the womens department at Gateway Church is our annual women's conference called Pink Impact. This is my 4th conference to be involved with and it takes a large portion of my work time. I've been trying to get all the promotional oieces done. By the time I finished all that, I had a hard time switching to this format. Didn't mean to be absent for so long.

I've had a good two weeks. I am experiencing some side effects that are related to the steroids and chemo that effect your hormones. Hot flashes are a regular occurence and this week my ankles are swelling. These things make me grumpy! Who wants toi be fat and sweaty? Seriously, these are minor and I am continuing to be strong.

I had a surgery consult this week. It will be awhile before we have to make some decisions in this area. Not one of my favorite topics.

Tomorrow I receive my monthly dose of bone strengthener along with a new drug designed to prevent my blood vessels from feeding the tumor. Hoping for no side effects and a quick office visit.

My mom in law, Molly gave me Joshua 1 9 this week. Just a reminder to hold back fear and stay the course.

Please continue to pray for my body and soul. I have to keep resetting my mind and will to focus on what is good and pure and right. Believing my emotions will follow suit.

Thanks for hanging with me during a dry couple of weeks. I'm remaining steadfast and faithful.

Thanking God for every single warrior! You are appreciated.




Anonymous said...

Hello Jan, I've been praying for you. Sunday night I was awakened about 1:45AM. After getting up and grazing in the kitchen for 10-15 min.(a graham cracker and little glass of milk usually put me right back to sleep) it occured to me "I'm awake to pray for Jan." This was a good revelation and I went right to it, standing my post. Since I had not read your blog in more than a week I knew nothing about your progress, but I knew it was WAR time. For the next 2 hrs the Holy Spirit directed my prayer for you. It was like I told you before, I was in your bedroom talking to you right in your face very determined and passionate for you to hear what the Lord wanted me to tell you. Just a few of the things we talked about;
Jan, listen to the truth, you know those are lies you are hearing. The enemy has tried to tell you lies all of your life, but you, you My lady, you know they are lies. Your determination is like a rock and if you want something bad enough you will do anything it takes to make it happen. Now, is the time to use your stubborn determination...like a dog that won't let go. You know how to do this, this is how you have all that you have and it will be how you have the next things you want. Hold on to truth, like a child hanging onto her Fathers leg and doesn't want to let go. Scream, cry and throw a fit, whatever it takes, but Jan, don't let go Father is there to hold on to you even when you can't hold anymore.
In this together, fighting to the victory!
Brenda L

Anonymous said...


You are a blessing even in your own difficulties. Joshua 1:9 was just what I needed to hear!!
Michelle Taylor

Melissa Terry said...

Believing that in the midst of the all the happenings that He is near and His Word is resounding in your mind, soul and spirit! Standing with you my beautiful friend...



Judy Woodliff said...

Thanks for details, Jan. It helps me to know how to pray. I'm praying that you'll continue to "sniff out" even the most subtle doubt. Doubt is a thief, and you don't need to be robbed. God bless Jan with fun times at football events, faith that overcomes and keeps overcoming, victory over the grumps and fatigue, wholeness and healing in all body functions, resistance to side effects of medications, and blessings on the family. Thy kingdom come in Jan today, Lord.
Judy Woodliff

Edna said...

I am sorry but did not know anything about your problems, as
i have so many of my own I try not to read too much about others, but I liked your blog and that you took the time to write it while at a football scrammage. I used to be able to mutli task but not anymore, age happened.