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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A change in schedule.

Late this afternoon I got a call from my doctor's office. I had an appointment in the morning for my next PET scan. I've had it for almost a month. Well, apparently, they finally called the insurance company today to verify that they would pay for it -only to find out they won't pay until after four months since the previous scan. So at 4:00 this afternoon my appointment was rescheduled for October 26th. So no scan this week, but still scheduled for chemo on Thursday. No big deal - I'm confident it's going to be a good report and one more round of chemo before the big day only makes it more likely!

I really appreciate all the positive feedback about my recent post on making that appointment and keeping it. I know it was a "in your face" read! So many of you have shared that it moved you off your seat and into the action. I'm proud of you and I'm blessed by you! So grateful that we don't all have to learn by our own mistakes - like me!

In a couple of days I get an opportunity to speak to the single mom's of Gateway Church at their monthly gathering called Renew. I'm so excited and honored. I'm working on some remarks related to a topic that's been on my mind for months. Hoping it will relate and bring some encouragement to all of us.

I wanted to give you an update on some recent prayer requests.

In regards to mom in law, Molly - please keep praying. I love this woman! No matter how bad she feels or how much the struggle is costing her, she always thinking of others. She's praying for us on a daily basis and walking in faith. She's been very ill again. Please pray with us for her healing, her symptoms to be bound, for hope to reside in her heart and for the Holy Spirit to comfort her.

Ashley seems to be doing well at school...got through that awful week of exams and lots of work. She's a little bummed this week because she's working a 40 hour week while her classmates are on fall break. Hard now - but lucrative later! We received a decline for financial assistance based on our circumstances. I'm waiting to see the final bill and just trusting we'll be able to work things out in the end. If I worry about finances, it really stresses her out! So I'm trying not to fret! Praying rather than worrying!

Here's some fun news! The last time I wrote about Mark I asked you to pray for his job situation. Well, guess what? Within 2 days of that post, some type of storm damage happened somewhere in the area and suddenly he had new claims again! He's still working! Thank you friends. Thank you Lord. I'm just saying...it's a miracle again.

As I head into round 6 of chemo, please pray for me. I have really struggled over the past two weeks with simply not regaining my strength. I have been so tired, my legs are wobbily, the bottom of my feet blistered and I've been having to really evaluate how much I can do. Today was the first day I've felt like myself in this whole three week process. Now I begin again on Thursday and I'm hoping it won't be like this again. The good news is that I have not developed another urinary tract infection and my counts have remained great. I think this stuff just makes you tired, and I suspect "tired" gets harder to shake as you proceed. Only 9 more weeks of this particular regimine! I can do it, right?

Thought you might enjoy seeing a photo of John and his date, Amanda. They were going to the Flower Mound High Homecoming Dance. They looked cute together!

Now this is a really funny picture! This is Amanda's mom, Dawn, and me holding the all important mums - one for Amanda and one for John. I'm laughing because we forgot to take the photos at home and ended up holding them in the parking lot. I was thinking Mark would take a close up of them - but instead we ended up posing! What is even more funny is I'm wearing what I call my "hippy hair." Not too many people have seem my second wig - and I don't think you would recognize me in this photo unless I told you it was me. Yes, that's me - on the right!

Sending a big hug, a giant smile and a great big thanks to you for being my friend!



minda312 said...

ahhhh! with every post I just love you more and more.

i'm just sayin. :-)

Michelle W said...

love the pics! :) thanks so much for sharing. love and hugs to you, dear friend

Anonymous said...

Oh I would know that smile anywhere!! Thanks for the pics!
Remember to put your armor on EVERYDAY sweet friend.

I love you,
Lisa M

Anonymous said...

Hi Friend!

I would know that sweet, beautiful face anywhere!

I can't believe how much John has grown up! He is a man, not a boy anymore. It happens so fast!
We are right behind you in that.

I know that you are tired. The battle wears on us, not just physically, but mentally and spritually, as well. I get the feeling sometimes that you think maybe you shouldn't be tired, that you can power through and by will alone make yourself not tired.

Please, rest. Rest in the Lord, rest in the love we are pouring into you. Rest in the grace and peace of the Holy Spirit and let Him do his work.
You are so close to healing and walking through this fire. The climb is always the toughest at the top of the peak. You will make it, and the victory will be so, so sweet.

You don't always have be strong for us, your friends. Let us be strong for you and carry you in our prayers and love.

Hang in there. You are precious. I love you.

sacha said...

I totally love your hippy wig! You are one beautiful lady!! I am continuing to pray for you and I know your amazing positivity and desire to dig deep into him strengthens your whole family!! I am praying baskets of blessings for you and Mark!! I loved your "in your face" read!!!:)