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Friday, August 27, 2010

Journal Posts from Israel - First Glimpse of the City

In May of this year, I visited the nation of Israel. I spent ten days with a group of almost 30 people on a prayer and intercession trip. I saw Jerusalem, Jericho, The Dead Sea, En Gedi, Bethleham, David and Goliath's field, Ariel, part of Judea and Samaria, Galilee, Nazareth and lots more!

I've wanted to take the time to document some of the things I saw and felt while travelling. Today I was reviewing my journal. I decided to post a few blogs from different moments on the trip - straight from my journal. It's been a life changing journey that is still being worked out in my life. So here goes something from my notes of my "First Glimpse of the City."

Day Two - May 8, 2010 (This is our first stop - even before getting to the hotel. We've been travelling for almost 24 hours.)

As we approach the city by bus I realize that you actually ascend to the city, not just to the temple. We drive through a series of rolling hills and passages. They play O Jerusalem as we approach. This is the first of many times our tour guide will take a moment to create a spiritual environment. Suddenly the view of the city opens up before us (white, gold and green) and from one foothill - we look across a large valley and see - the "mounts" or foothills of Jerusalem.

The gold dome of the Islamic temple immediately draws my eye. Rather than offended by it's presence, I am shocked to realize that it actually highlights a "portal" to heaven - a place of God's faithfulness. It is built upon the original threshing floor and is the place of the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham - Mount Moriah. It is central to the view and to the vision. This mount is small, even lower than the other two surrounding mounts and is nestled into the foothills. To the right I see the Mount of Olives and on the left Mount Zion. It is panoramic and beautiful and large.

Suddenly, we begin to sing over the city. As Rob and Jill lead us in God of the City I am overwhelmed. I find myself crumbling. I just sit down with my back against the small viewing wall. Tears come now because I realize the truth of this song: "You're the God of this city. You're the king of these people..." I feel Jesus for maybe the first time since we boarded the plane.

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