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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Journal Posts From Israel - Garden of Gethsemane

Day 3 - Garden of Gethsemane

Bless the Lord who makes a way when there is no way. Who surrenders all. Suffers all. Dies for all.

The garden is the place of agony, but also the place of kingly anointing. (Jewish kings were anointed on this mountain and then taken through the Golden Gate into the temple mound where they were received by the people.) Both an olive and a wine press are here. I am reminded Christ was "pressed" here in every way.

He taught the disciples here - a place of instruction. Here became a place of submission, as he yielded to the will of the Father. Laying down his life, he sweat drops of blood. Here became a place of redemption as he drank the cup of wrath. This is the place of surrender to the cross. As the final drama unfolded, it became a place of betrayal - by a brother - through a kiss - for 30 shekels - $110 today. This became the place of "pick up your cross and follow me." From this moment on His face was set like flint. All hell broke lose here and now, today it is a place of total peace.

In this place, press me Oh God. Reveal any place that is unsubmitted or unwilling. Cause me to share in the cup of redemption and to receive His blood for my salvation and healing. Let my ears be instructed by you. Let my eyes see and know. Help me in moments of betrayal to forgive and move on. Cause my feet to be swift to obey. Fill me with your presence. Break me and restore me. Help me as I pick up my cross and follow, to experience your peace. Anoint me for your purpose.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful, my friend. I love what you've shared. Alan told me a bit about the process of pressing olives and how Jesus went to the Garden...

And all about the lesson of the olive press they received on the trip to Israel today. It resonates with your sweet words here. Love the pics of you on your journey. Beautifully done. Love and Hugs...