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Friday, August 13, 2010

Laughter is still good medicine!

It was awesome to see so many beautiful faces at LAUGH last night.

I'm spending a few minutes browsing through the face book and twitter comments and relishing the after-party glow of a PINK night well done. Blynda Lane was her usually warm and engaging self. Who knows maybe we'll have a real "Pink Talk Show" someday just for her! Can't believe we made a crapachino pie - nor that it ended up in Blynda's face. Now that's dedication to your craft!

Last night I visited with many women who are dealing with cancer or have family and close friends who are walking it out. I can only imagine the many other illnesses and difficult situations that I am not privileged to know. As I ponder the depth of our need for His healing touch, I am grateful that all the pressure is on God!

He's the healer!

Only a magnificent, creative, hopeful healer would prescribe a cheerful heart as good medicine for whatever ails us.

So let's submit to God's prescription! Take (laughter, encouragement, joy) at least twice daily with the Word and see the amazing benefits! Warning: highly infectious and likely to transform people from the inside out!

Thanks for sharing the evening with us. Glad you came or tuned in. Glad you laughed.

Let your heart be light and your countenance joyful.


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Cindi Dennis said...

Jan, As I read your sweet comments, I hear your voice and the love within you. It brings tears to my eyes. How very much I miss you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and being so vulnerable.I receive your words so easily and am so thankful you continue to share. I love you! When you have a couple of minutes, I have something amazing to share with you, so let me know when to call or you can call me. God bless you friend! Love, Cindi