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Friday, March 25, 2011

PI Workshop Speakers - Adana and Deana

And here they are...the final two workshop speakers for Pink Impact. They might be last but they are not least! Adana Wilson and Deana Morgan are two powerful teachers of the Word.

Upgrade Your Life—God Has an App for That Adana Wilson

How long could you go without your cell phone? We depend on them for everything from communication to direction, and whatever problem you have, there’s an “app for that”! While there’s nothing wrong with this, have you ever thought about “upgrading your life” to a Source where coverage is guaranteed, wisdom and direction are endless, the battery will never die and the upgrade is completely free? Through this workshop, you learn practical life applications from the Word of God to help you make the most of the number one network—God’s network!

Adana has a God-given passion and desire to see women of all ages walk in the fullness of God’s love, realize the unique individual God has created them to be and fulfill their God-given destiny. She was the Women’s Ministry Administrator at Lakewood Church, with Pastor Joel and Victoria Osteen. At Lakewood, she regularly taught over 350 women at their weekly women’s Bible study and led workshops as well as handled all administrative duties for the Women’s Ministry. Adana has been married for over 15 years and has three boys.




Empowered: Walk in the Authority and Power God Has Given You!

Deana Morgan

How do you feel when you hear the words empowered, favored and anointed? Do you always think they apply to someone else? How would it be if you knew how to live stronger and more confidently? This workshop will ignite and awaken a truth that will free you to walk in the full authority given to you as a daughter of the King.

Deana and her family currently reside in Grapevine, Texas. She has been married to Mitchell for 16 years and is the proud mother of two girls, Sabrina (9) and McKenzie (7). She spends her time homeschooling her girls and leading one women’s small group and two mother-daughter small groups. Her greatest joys, besides her family, are date nights with her husband, growing in her relationship with the Lord, seeing God’s greatness emerge in His people and seizing opportunities to “live it” empowered.



Now that you've met everyone, how in the world will you choose? It will definately be quite a challenge!

Love, Jan

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