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Friday, March 25, 2011

PI Workshop Speakers - Michelle and Kassie

Still thinking about which Pink Impact workshop you would like to attend? Well here are two more excellent choices!

Your Personal Blueprint for 2011
Michelle Brogan

All too often, we peek at the lives of others and wish our lives were constructed differently. Find out why your destiny has the “best blueprint” and how you can have limitless results if you follow it correctly. In our search to identify our destiny, we will learn how to combat idolatry and how our own spiritual armor was tailor-made by God with our specific uniqueness in mind.

Michelle Brogan is a wife, mother, speaker, producer, mentor and pastor. She has been traveling the country for over 10 years using her testimony and unique illustrated sermons to awaken the hearts of all who desire change. Her powerful testimony and passionate delivery not only transforms but delivers a change that is permanent and life-changing. Michelle is the Founder of Revolution Ministries, which includes the ministries of the MOVEment, Dance Revolution and Ingredients Internship and Training program.


Finding Your Political Voice
Kassie Dulin

Do you love your country and want to take a stand for godly values, but don’t know where to start? Join presidential campaign-staffer Kassie Dulin as she talks about her exciting, unexpected adventures in politics and shares simple yet effective ways for busy women to get educated on the issues, identify excellent candidates and make a difference in America.

Kassie Dulin is a 24-year-old Starbucks lover with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. In the 2008 election cycle, she served on the presidential campaign of Governor Mike Huckabee as the assistant to the press secretary. Kassie has served as the leader of a national political youth organization and is currently working with Wallbuilders, an organization dedicated to preserving America’s godly heritage.


If you would like to review all ten of the workshops being offered at Pink Impact, or to register, simply click on the link above and it will take you right to the site!


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