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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Through the Eyes of a Lens

Hi sweet friends -

I recently met a young woman named Katie who has a knack for capturing people at their best through the eyes of a camera lens. She is smart, passionate, action oriented and very gentle. She has a gift to pastor people and a prophetic edge to her work. It was only natural that when I needed some new photographs for an upcoming project, that I thought of Katie.

She met me and Ashley at the local park on a Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of fun just finding the right spots and the right outfits. As Katie snapped away, I was reminded again how beautifully God has made each person. Her gift for "gab" and her heart to do more than just take my picture - to really help me capture a feeling of transparency and trust - made me feel loved...safe...at ease.

Katie is an avid blogger - posting often about her shoots. Recently Katie posted a blog on her website about our time together. I'm so honored by her post, that I want to invite you to stop by for a visit. You will see several awesome posts and if you keep scanning down, you will see my new photos, hear her story of learning to hear God again, and catch a glimpse of a new ministry call on her life. Click on the title above and it will take you right to Katie's site or you can go to www.katiecoinerblog.com.

Just like Katie, you too are beautiful. A work of art from the master's hand. I pray that you would see yourself through the eyes of His lens and that you would know you are appointed to good works and great love.

Thanks Katie!



Katie Coiner said...

Thank you Jan. I'm so blessed by this.
love you!

Jan said...

Thank you, Katie - it's you that has been blessing me! Love you - love your work - love your heart!


Anonymous said...

Love Katie's work!! She is so gifted. Thanks for posting this.Your pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL Jan!!!