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Monday, April 18, 2011

Beyond the Shock

I am a breast cancer survivor.

Wow! I still get a thrill in my spirit when I say it!

Throughout my journey from diagnosis to remission, I have freely shared my testimony and tried to encourage others to navigate with faith in difficult times. I believe that healing is an important part of the benefits of our salvation, and I long to minister truth, hope and healing to others.

I've recently been given an opportunity to do just a little of that.

In early 2011, I became a part of a project for the National Breast Cancer Foundation called Beyond The Shock. I (along with several other ladies) am featured as a documentary participant, sharing my insights and perspectives as a cancer survivor for the purpose of offering hope and encouragement to others who have been recently diagnosed. (Click here to view my testimony.)

The National Breast Cancer Foundation's mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need. Beyond the Shock is a new initiative of the organization that is designed to provide a broad range of resources and encouragement for breast cancer patients and their families.

Would you help me spread the news about this helpful project? If you know someone who needs some encouragement in this area, please direct them to the web site. You can use the bar at the bottom of this post to tweet, facebook or email this post. We can learn more about the disease, ask questions and get answers, and hear real stories from real people.



Unknown said...

Amazing story/video. You are amazing PJ, we love you and admire your strength, courage, beauty and grace!

Jan said...

Hi Ps Eddie - So sweet to hear from you. I am so grateful to be alive and well - isn't God good? Please give my love to your crew...dinner this summer? We must!

Laura G said...

Thanks for sharing Jan!! You're testimony is being heard around the world1! Love you and your heart!

Jan said...

You are welcome Laura. Thanks for the opportunity. Praying many will be encouraged and strengthened and healed. xoxo Jan

Kim Masengale said...

I just finished watching your video & shed many tears! You are amazing & I am so blessed to know you. Thank you for sharing your story. It will reach far & wide!