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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday morning greetings!

Hi friends,

Thanks so much for all the additional prayer support over the past few days. I feel like some of the weight has lifted off my mind and I'm beginning to rise up again. I had a great visit with my doctor on Wednesday. We talked a lot about my visit with the surgeon and some concerns I had. He is really an amazing man. Both brilliant and compassionate.

We went ahead and scheduled my scans immediately. Yesterday I had a CT on my hip and another MRI on my breast. I'm also scheduled for an echo cardiogram just to be sure my heart is tolerating the chemo drugs without damage. I'll know a lot more about both the progress we are making and what comes next by next Wednesday. He really encouraged me to drink a lot more water as the reason I'm getting urinary tract infections is because one of the chemo drugs tends to settle in the bladder. More water, more water!

I already told you how much I enjoyed blessing box #3 - but I have to show you a picture. It was another beautiful display of love and support. I have all three boxes displayed on a shelving unit in my home and they really make a beautiful display. I can just open one at anytime and grab hold of a truth or an encouragement. Thanks again to Julie and the lovely ladies who have loved on me over and over! I am blessed.

When I got home last night, I had some beautiful flowers. Thanks Chelsea! They are gorgeous. I hear you sent me flowers on your birthday. Somethings not right about that. I think I should have been sending you flowers.

Last night I was able to attend John's first high school football game. On Thursday's they wear a cool "game day" polo for school. We snapped his photo on the way out the door at 7 am - so he doesn't look so happy. Jaguars won last night 19 to 0! Go Flower Mound.

I'm still feeling well this morning. Just cleaned my kitchen, ran some laundry, made my bed and sending you a note. Hoping and praying for an easy time - but either way - committed to going through.

Here's a verse I'm meditating on this morning. Heb . 10:35 - Therefore, do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. I'm believing for a great reward and therefore, I'm standing resolute in the face of disease.

Love you and thank you again!



Chelsea said...

I disagree. I think sending you flowers no matter what day it is, is right! :) Have a great Friday!

marsia said...

I love your attitude! No stinkin thikin' for you! I wish I could grab you for a moment and all of the world would pause and you and I could talk and cry and laugh and hear the Lord and then wipe our faces and hit play an no one would be the wiser--but us. I love you and that's all I have to say about that.

Brenda Peterson said...

I love that word--resolute--that God gave you, Jan. I've seen that thinking everywhere during your battle and it reminds me to pray for you.

I walked out a battle many yrs. ago with a good friend and she walked one out with me as well. We decided that we had 2 choices: fight or give up. So, we fought--resolute.

You go girl. God's about expanding your territory in the coming season so get ready!