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Friday, December 4, 2009

Living a grace-filled life!

I live such a grace-filled life! I am so grateful today for Jesus and the abundance of friends, family, and love being poured out on my heart. Just when I reach the end of my own strength or courage - He sends angels (in the form of friends) who stand by me, speak life to me, war on my behalf and stand in the gap for me. GRACEFUL! Grace comes in every circumstance whether joyful or difficult.

Yesterday's surgery was a breeze - at least compared to my concerns. We arrived at the hospital right on schedule and stayed on schedule all day. My sister-in-law Julie, and my in-laws, Juli and Wayne were so gracious to join Mark and me at the hospital. I had great support and good company.

I was most fearful about having some radioactive isotopes injected into my breast prior to the surgery. I had a bad experience when they did my breast biopsy at the beginning of this process - and I was not eager to have anyone sticking needles in private places. However, this was a minor pain and over in just a few moments. I ended up having a little difficulty with the iv - but finally they agreed to put me to sleep and then deal with it. As soon as the anesthesiologist arrived, I apparently checked out! Recovery was easy and I was on my way home in no time at all.

Most importantly, the doctor told Mark she was able to get clear margins and they only removed three lymph nodes. I've had no drainage tubes - only 2 incisions and no significant pain - maybe due to the good drugs. I woke this morning feeling well.

Only one more hurdle in this process to overcome - and that is the final pathology report. The doctor told Mark that the tissue appeared to be dead cells! I am agreeing with her report because I believe it will agree with the Lord's report - a total death to cancer - even at the cellular level. She said she would call on Monday with a report. Praying...believing...waiting!

I've been doing a little puttering around the house, then sat down to feed myself some encouragement. I have been enjoying a book called Sparkling Gems by Rick Renner. My friend, Lynda Grove gave it to me earlier this year. It seems each time I pick it up it speaks to me. I love that it concludes each day with both a prayer and a declarative statement. Today's declarative statement is awesome!

I confess that Jesus loves me and understands me. Even though others may fail to understand the dilemma I am facing in my life, Jesus completely understands. Not only does He understand, but He is also my biggest Helper in my time of need. When I cry out to Jesus in faith, He responds by manifesting His strong Presence at my side. His Presence is with me to assist me, support me and give me the strength I need to conquer all the attacks that come against my life. With Jesus, I can and will endure everything I face in life! I declare this by faith in Jesus' name.
Isn't that awesome? Even in the most scary, difficult or lonely places, He stands right with us - giving us His courage, strength and assistance. I am so in need of Jesus. Maybe you are too! Let's declare that with Him, nothing can overcome us.

Where would I be without my amazing friends and family? Truly, God has poured your love on me in great measure. I have so much to be thankful for! So much that I find my life is "grace-filled"!


Anonymous said...

My sweet sister-in-Christ I'm so thankful for a grace filled life too!! You always encourage me. I believe with you for a good report on Monday. I love you and miss seeing you.

Lisa M

TMOPRAYS said...


I am believing with you for a good report. Your posts have been so helpful to me. Although I am not facing a life threatening disease, I am fighting a battle with the evil one, and your words and positive attitude reflect your love of Father and the faith you have in Him.

You are an awesome woman of God, and I am blessed to be a part of your life even if it is via the blog. God works in all kinds of ways, and He is blessing me through you.

Tina Marie Olson

Lynnell said...

Jan I love how you write your heart for all of us to share! I was in Charming Charlie's yesterday and when I got the update... and funny Bethany Funderbunk was standing right there and said Did you go to the hosptial? I said No but just got an update... the cashier said WOW that's great news!!She said I don't know her but love to hear happy news!!
I am so very honored and proud to be your friend and will stand with you and FOR you anytime!!!!!
Please REST REST...... I am thrilled it was easier than you thought! God is just like that!!
Love ya Friend

Unknown said...


I bless you with a huge reservoir of peace within you, so that when you speak blessings of peace, peace becomes a reality in the lives of others.
God has great things ahead for you!
I bless you with joy on the other side of this trial and in this trial.I bless you great faith that is strong and pure like gold.
Still praying!
Love, Joni

Jan said...

Thanks for all the encouragement and love. Praying for each of you in return. Believing His best for you, your circumstance and your battle.