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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bed Head and Laughter

I woke this morning with terrible bed head. My hair was flat in back and pointing a million directions on top. I ran my hand through it and laughed. I have enough hair for bed head!


In January I began what is called "light chemo" as a follow up to the more serious stuff of the fall. My hair began slowly growing. It's thin and course and exceedingly slow - but it is growing! I am near the end of my chemo regimen. Soon we'll be having discussons about hormone management and radiation regimines. Praying for wisdom to know what to do and for atttitude of gratitude to see me through. And a little laughter won't hurt either!

How about you? Maintaining your sense of humor in the midst of struggle? Got a great funny story? Then tell it. You will stir up a little joy and it will go a long way to help you and me feel stronger. Remember: The joy of the Lord is our strength. Take some time to break away from the daily grind and hang with a funny friend. It will change your perspective and help heal your soul.

Speaking of laughter - this Thursday night(12th)will be Gateway's annual Laugh night. You may remember that Kerri Pomerelli prayed for my healing last year - right at the beginning of my journey. She's excited to share her testimony of what happened when she obeyed and we believed. Hope you are coming for this gathering - especially if you need a good laugh - and I know you do!

Here's a little appetizer from the Word: Because I love you Lord, you will rescue me and because I trust in your name, you will protect me. You will be with me in trouble and will satisify me with long life and show me your salvation. Ps: 91:14-16.

Thanks for dropping by.

You are loved!



The Durham's said...

I LOVE it!! Every single word, thought and giggle:) Thanks for sharing your heart!!

bettyellen said...

Ok, here is a funny story... We had get a football physical for Michael this week. I told him when I was done working I would take him for his physical. He later told his dad... "I have to get ready. Mom is taking me for my inspection later."

And really, he's right. It IS an inspection!

Love that you have bed head! Love you@!

Anonymous said...

Betty - we read your story around the table in my office today - and laughed! Thanks for sharing. Inspection is right! xoxo Jan