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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hi friends,

I've been wanting to blog for the past few days! I drive down the road and think about the things I want to share and I wonder if the people in the car next to me think I'm crazying. I'm either singing or praying or "writing" out loud. I caught myself daydreaming the other day and realized I really better put my mind to driving!

Before I share an update about me, I'd like to give you an update on my mom in law - Molly. She and Julie were supposed to leave for Boston today. However, this week the Boston hospital called and invited her to participate in an upcoming clinical trial. There is a new drug they are testing which they hope will have the same effect on the body as a liver transplant. Right now, a liver transplant is the only "cure" for this disease. Although Molly could qualify for a liver transplant, there is great concern that she is too weak to tolerate such a difficult procedure. To participate in this trial - and if the drug is effective - could be a huge answer to prayer. Of course, she indicated she would like to participate and as a result her trip has been moved back to August 10th. Now here's the prayer need - the clinical trial has a blind placebo. Patients receive either the drug or the placebo by random selection. We can not afford a placebo. As I read this morning, not even the physician selects who receives what. So - will you pray with our family that the great physician will put His hand on this test and deliver a potential life extending opportunity to my sweet m-i-l? I know you will - and I want to thank you for praying for her already. This is an example of the favor of God - just when you reach the end of your own hope - He brings a fresh breeze!

It's been ten days since my chemo treatment and I am so thrilled to report that my mouth has not broken out! My tongue felt a little strange on day 8 - but some good friends laid hands on me and we just bound that burning tongue and asked God for a favor.

I'm feeling so much better. It definately takes a full week to get any spring in my step. I returned to work on Tuesday and found it a real struggle to get there. Once I was there, I did okay - but still came home early and went straight to bed. Wednesday I ended up spending the vast majority of the day at doctor's offices and by the time I finished my legs were shaking - so home again - nap again - tired again. But on Thursday, that resurrection power overtook me and I spent a full day at work and felt great! I'm amazed that when I am experiencing the deep fatigue, it feels like I'm never going to feel good. But once I feel good, it's like I think it couldn't have been that bad. A lot of this disease is keeping your mind in check. Telling yourself the truth and not getting confused. Thanks again for all the prayers during the past ten days!

I guess you saw the photo above. This was taken at Laugh and these are my two good friends who came to a Gateway women's event for the first time. That's Teresa Wilkins on the left and Kelly Porter next to her - and I guess you know that's my Ashley on the right. I am so glad we captured this moment.

Now these are my Gateway buddies. Katy Davis, Elizabeth Laurence and Elisa Michieli. As you can see, we are quite a team and I love these girls! Thanks Natasha for the awesome photos. I'm proud of this one too!
I had to finish the two MRI's that I cancelled a couple of weeks ago. On Wednesday I did one at the hospital and on Friday one in the office. While at the office yesterday my doctor gave me the good news that the breast tissue MRI from Wednesday was all clear - again confirming that there is no additional cancer present! Thank you Jesus! I had the brain scan on Friday and I'm feeling confident that there is nothing on the oribital bone of my face. I just don't think there's anything there. I'll keep you posted!
While I'm going about the business of my life and learning this new norm of living on a three week cycle - I'm somehow deeply contemplating so many things. I've begun to really press in and study about nutrition and I feel like I'm listening to all the advice with one ear - and tuning the other to hear what God is saying. I'm observing my life in a way as an outsider and I have to tell you that every single day I am amazed at the favor that I am walking in. I don't know why I am finding favor at every turn - but over and over - grace is being extended to me. From little things like a friendly smile or a warm greeting - to big things like compassionate caregivers or massive grace at work - it just keeps coming. I also have noticed that I have received a lot of public affirmation. My situation is very widely known and in several gatherings I have been the focus of intense public prayer. I'm wondering what's up with that? The other day I told God that this would be an awesome time to just miraculously heal me. So many people are praying and watching! It would be good for His reputation...tee hee! I don't know if He laughed, but I laughed. Just processing how widely God has spread my prayer covering and thanking Him for your amazing love and support.
Thanks to John's friend Sam and her mom for a delicious meal the other night (those mashed potatoes almost put me in a coma!) Thanks, Kathy for the chicken quesadillas - to Stephanie for the sloppy joe's, to Amber for the taco soup (eaten within the hour of arrival!), to Laura for the chicken parmigan...The meals just keep coming and they are such a blessing. I find that I can do one thing - like in the morning I can get ready or I can clean house - but if I do both it really fatigues me. Dinner has been a huge blessing. I can work - but when I come home I don't have a lot left for household chores. Mark and the boys have warmed up our gifts of food - we sit down and have a family meal together - I help clean - and then I'm resting again. Thank you all for serving not just me - but all the Greenwood clan.
I'm off this morning for a prayer leader's retreat at Mary Jo's house. We had dinner together last night with our spouses and it was so much fun. They prayed for me - powerfully - prophetically and I was once again so blessed. Today we are talking about the anointing of God. I'm so looking forward to stirring up the passion for prayer within my own heart and pouring out a little of the prayer that has been poured into me. I'll let you know how it goes.
After that - John is playing in a baseball tournament in Southlake! I can't wait to sit at the ball field (in the shade of course) and cheer him on. This is a normal part of our family life and I've missed a few games over the past two months. I have a gorgeous new sun hat given to me by my friend Melissa - and I can't wait to "work it" at the park.
I'm thinking of you constantly - amazed at the number of new friends who are stopping by for a read. I am honored! By the way - welcome to the gentlemen who my husband and boys met on a hunting trip last fall. He tells me that a few Oklahoma boys are checking in - and they are sending him notes of encouragement and prayer! So glad you stopped by and thanks for encouraging my husband and boys - can't tell you what that means to us! As you remember me and my needs, I am remembering you and yours. When we agree together, nothing is impossible.
Trusting in His goodness,


cindy greeley said...

Great sounding update! Made me feel good after reading. I admire your postive thinking, it is the 'only' way to think at a time like this. Stay away from 'stinking thinking'! May our Great God continue to hold you in the palm of His Hand. In His Grip, Cindy Greeley

Rene said...

I always love your positive spirit. Praying for a miracle!


Connie Chrane said...


Thank you for sharing your journey with so many people. I love being able to catch up on you here on your blog and I, too, love your positive spirit. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I am so glad that you are having good days and can enjoy doing so many of the "normal" things while you are fighting this battle. That is my prayer until the battle is won!
Love ya,