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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The tumor is gone!

Hi friends,

Today I was at the doctor for my weekly check up. As he examined the lump in my breast, he said, "That tumor is gone!" I had wondered the same thing myself this week and responded by saying, "I thought maybe I was losing my mind." He said, "No, you aren't losing your mind. You are losing your tumor."

I am so thrilled to report that despite a long wait to see my doctor today, he brought me such good news! Indeed the tumor is undetectable by physical examination. It has completely "disappeared." In addition, he told me that the brain MRI is totally clear. He showed me where the report said something like no indication of metastatic presence. There's nothing on my face, either! It was so much fun to celebrate! My doctor even got excited with me. Gave me a hug and congratulated me! I realized he probably doesn't get to give good news very often. He was blessed while I was blessed! How sweet is that?

As soon as I got in the elevator I called Mark! Then Ashley! Then my mom! I was hurrying to make a 1:30 ministry team meeting at the office. I walked in about five minutes late and of course only a few seats were left - one right at the front. As I came forward, I asked if I could make an announcement. My pastor was gracious and let me tell the whole team my good news! The room broke into applause! You should have seen Mary Jo's face. She stood to her feet with a shout of victory.

I've been making some more personal calls tonight, but I just can't wait anymore to broadcast the good news far and wide!

I have to continue treatment as we can't tell if the cancer is totally eradicated until after the scans - and the hip area is still very important and a big unknown. We'll do two more rounds of chemo, followed by updated scans and see! But I'm believing it is totally gone...Only 6 weeks and 2 rounds of chemo...that has to be more than modern medicene. I believe it's the power of prayer!

Thanks to so many warriors who have been standing on the wall with me, praying and believing for supernatural healing. I know that there is another round or two in this battle, but I am so encouraged. Please hang with me a little longer - don't abandon the post! I believe this sickness will leave and not come back again. I love the verse in Nahum 1:9 that says "Affliction will not rise up a second time."

Will you help me spread the word? Someone told me this past week (Rick Laurence, I think) that the word testimony means do it again! I am so motivated by the idea that my testimony of healing would create an environment for God to "do it again." Need healing? Then let's testify!

Thanks for being my friends and warriors!

Blessings back to you.



Carrie Gant said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! He is so good! Thanks for sharing your great news. I know you probably have the biggest smile on your beautiful face. Love ya!!

Mary Jo Pierce said...

Some days my prayers look like tears ... other days my prayers sound like laughter. Today my prayers are a mix of both. Dear Women-of-Faith ... reJOYing with you and yours!

Love, Mary Jo

Jessica said...

oh Jan! Such wonderful news! Yes God is sooo good! Life is good! Bask in His presence,give God the glory and continue to believe & receive everything He has for you! Constantly praying for you! Treat yourself to something good! love you bunches...

Rebecca said...

Praise the Lord!!! We are so excited for you!!! Keep the good news coming! : ) You remain in our thoughts and prayers!


minda312 said...

singing in celebration!!!!!!!

"We will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony!!!!"

Rene said...

YEA God!!!!!! Thanks for keeping us posted. I will send up a prayer of thanksgiving!!!

Unknown said...


Kim Fox said...

Jan sweet friend I am crying happy tears . Thank You Jesus for a good report ! I am leaving town for 2 weeks but you will never leave my thoughts and prayers . Keep blogging you are so Awesome ! Love Kim Fox

daughteroftheking said...

Jan I am crying with happy tears at reading this!! God is so amazing! So thrilled to read this report and will continue to lift you up. Praise the Lord!!!
Missy Johnson

The Durham's said...

OH GIRL!! My heart is leaping out of my chest! He blows me away!! I'm literally speechless and just enjoying His Goodness with you!! We'll keep praying.

Amy Pennington said...

My eyes are filled with tears...God is so good and faithful!! This is the best news I have heard all week. Praise God!!!

Lisa M said...


The Word says that by His stripes we are healed. Hallelujah...praise you Lord!!!! I'm so excited I knew you were healed it's just so sweet to get the doctor to say it.

I'm still praying that all test come back totally clean. I pray the rest of the treatment will not have side effects...no more. I pray your immune system will be built up and strong.

Love you,

Love you,


Lisa M said...

Lol...sorry about all the closing it wouldn't show me eveything I typed. Lol

LC said...

Girlfriend, Woohoooo! Praise God! I am so excited (started to say amazed but I'm NOT). I am smilin, laughin, and praisin Him! He told me to believe in the unbelievable and He is trustworthy. Praise Him Praise Him Praise Him...

Brenda Peterson said...

I KNEW IT!!! From the beginning, I just knew this was gonna be a different ending than modern medicine wants to predict!

Jan, is there ANY way to articulate how totally incredible it is to hear that this tumor is gone? The rest is gonna be too!!!!!!!

Hello Is. 53:5!

Anonymous said...

wahoo!!! PRAISE YOU LORD!! I am so excited and have tears in my eyes! The Lord is faithful. He's got big plans for you girl! Love, Becky
p.s. We got awesome news today too, our son's digestive allergies are not to the degree they were. We're believing for continued healing.

Becky from Gateway said...

didn't mean to make it anonymous, wasn't sure what to check there......Becky

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, who is the Great Physician! I am so happy and joyful right for you and your family.


Elizabeth T said...

Wow, wow, wow!! I am so filled with joy at this aesime report. What a mighty & good God we serve!!!!
It was my dad that said "testamony" means "that God will do it again". I'm standing on the wall with you & shouting "God, do it again & heal Jan's hip"!!!!
My sweet friend - what a joy it is to fight with you and watch God do what only He can do in your life, mind, heart and body!
Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. I am so encouraged!


Marissa Star said...

***Tears of JOY*** My heart is dancing!!! I can't wait to hear you walk in the anointing of your (His) testimony! Thank you for bringing us along on the journey and letting us share in joy of His faithfulness!
Great Love!,

Unknown said...

Oh Jan! Joyful Noises all around. Testify... We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony! EVERYONE OVERCOME!

<3 YOU

Judy Woodliff said...

What joy your good news has brought to me today! God is so faithful! He is goodness and power to you, Jan, and you're seeing the evidence of it. I won't forget to pray. I'm staying with you!!

Melissa Terry said...

GLORY GLORY GLORY! Is there any dance too big and any shout too loud!?! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

I love you and I admire your courage, faith and transparency as you walk through the valley.


Love you,


Anonymous said...

Praise God! One of me and my husband’s closets friend’s mother is battling breast cancer right now. I have sent her your testimony of healing and hope that it will be strength and encouragement to her!

I am so blessed to know you Jan! I am so excited to see all of the marvelous things that God has planned for your future. Thank you for being so open and standing strong in your faith during this time. I believe that your testimony of faith is going to bless the lives of many women. You are truly an amazing woman!


salina said...

Praising God with you! On Wed morning, while in the shower, a feeling came over me for you that was so powerful! So thankful for God's mighty hand-His Healing Hands!! What a REAL story/ testimony, you will be able to share with others. I love the scripture Nahum 1:9 that you quoted. Standing in agreement with you!

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Praise the Lord!!! I am so thrilled for you and your family for all our Father is doing in you and through you. We will continue to pray and thank Him for His healing. Love You Friend, Judy B.

Becky Roese said...

Dear JAN: what a blessing! Steadfast prayers + FAITH, HOPE &
LOVE! GOD is our great physician! Praise HIS Holy Name!
"I am FREE to Dance" w/U today!
Becky / Gatewayer

Lisa Watson said...

Jan! I TOTALLY agree with you about the testimony!! There is supernatural power in the testimony!! If God will do it for one...He will do it for all, because He is no respector of persons!! Tell it over and over and over!! Shout it from the rooftops!! Don't EVER tire of telling it, or feel that others will tire of it. They won't!! AND... let ALL who hear be forever transformed by the supernatural power of the Living God, Who is flowing through your words!! Many, many, many, will be healed through your testimony!!! MAN! That's EXCITING!!!

Nicole said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I stand amazed at His faithfulness! Rejoicing with you sweet Jan!
Love you!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!! GOOOOO GOD!! You are a women of great faith and great heart!!! I am actually speachless! I truely believed God wold and could heal you, but SIX WEEKS is crazy awesome and makes me giggle like a little girl!! It's PARTY with JAN time!!;)) I am dancing!!!!LOving HIM!!! Daddy, you're so good! Love, Sacha Warrum

Unknown said...

Oh Jan,

This is such good news, but not unexpected! The Lord is soooo good and you have been so faithful in your belief that He would heal you! I am rejoicing with you and and praising Him for his goodness!

Cindy Williamson

marsia said...

AMAZING! As if we were ever thinking something else would happen!?!?!? Praise Jesus! Lift Him up! Everyone together now--Hallelujah amen and amen!! Amazing! All I can think to say is He is so amazing! love you~m

Windy Storms said...


PRAISES and GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST Our HEALER and REDEEMER! Thank you for healing our sweet, faithful, strong warrior sistuh!

I stopped in to let you know how much joy your article gave me online! Your photo is beautiful...I remembered that photo shoot day so well. AND now, the timing of the article and this news. God is brilliant, just brilliant!

When we all gathered to pray a few weeks ago...and in the words God gently sprinkled down from heaven I just would get giddy and start to "float"....

But cheers to God and YOU Jan because you have taken the high road, searched the word and encouraged us through your journey. You fought with determined strides like a lady...and shared many steps with us, while we prayed with you.

When I read about your sweet friend today in the online Studio g article, I started to cry....So, I thought, "hey, check out her blog and pray for her"...instead you have double-blessed me in your posting once again...with the walk of a faith-filled giant! I love your uplook JAN GREENWOOD!

p.s. there is this tune going thru my mind..."hey now hey now.." It is about finding victory in life's battles....they don't tell it is all thru God....but we know. Kinda fits. LOVE YOU JAN!

Pam Mueller said...

Jan, I just got back from being out of town--this is AMAZING news! God is so good. I am rejoicing with you.

Karen Scoggins said...

Dropping in to check on you Jan my heart and prayers are with you everyday!

Love you