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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chemo Day Two!

Hi friends,

Thanks for all of the texts, emails and phone calls today. I knew many of you were thinking of me and I so appreciate it.

Laura Byrne picked me up bright and early this morning and I so enjoyed my day with her. (This is a terrible shot of me but really cute of Laura.) She shared a miraculous healing testimony about her dad and we talked about the WORD most of the afternoon. So wonderful to share encouragement with such an amazing woman. Thanks Laura for everything - especially for your patience with that awful chair. You blessed me.

I got some good news today. Today the doctor examed the tumor in my breast and it appears to have broken in two. This means the tumor is dissolving - and a strong indication that the chemo is working. I immediately thought of Pastor Marcus' prayer which I have been saying everyday. Either submit to authority and obey or die! Dr. Khan said that he wanted to run scans after 4 rounds of chemo. I had expected that after 6 or 8 rounds. I took that as an encouragement that he wants to see how effective it is at 4 weeks.

In addition, tomorrow I go for the shot that makes you produce white blood cells. This time instead of giving me the 24 hour version - they have gotten approvement to give me a slow release version that should work for several days. I will go in tomorrow and then I'm not required to report back until Monday - unless I'm feeling bad. I think this one change could make week 2 a lot easier for me. I'm hopeful my WBC will go up and stay up! Another thing that will save me money, time, energy and be just as effective. Thank you Lord!
Two different survivors told me to eat ice chips while receiving the "blood of Jesus." Apparently keeping your mouth cool during delivery has a strong potential to prevent mouth sores. I ate a whole cup of Sonic ice and I'm praying it does the trick. Would love to skip the burning tongue! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

I had chemo in the Carrollton office today which is a lot closer to my home, smaller and a totally different atmosphere. The nurse, Rene, is awesome. (By the way, I found out she lives in Flower Mound about 2 blocks from my home!) She is so bubbily and energetic and basically won't allow negative comments on the floor. Laura said she has a calling for this job. She's been with my doctor since 1979 - they are simpatico! Feel so blessed by her care.

While receiving chemo today I took a special gift with me. Julie Kavanaugh spearheaded an effort to make me a blessing box for the day. It was delivered to the office yesterday and as you can see from this photo - it's basically a party in a box. Filled with scripture, testimonies of healing, gifts - all specially prepared to be beautiful and encouraging. When I opened the box in the chemo room it created some excitement. After we looked at a few things, Rene said that she would like for me to bring it again tomorrow when I get my shot at the McKinney office. She wants to show it to the staff - all except one person - who needs some encouragement. She's going to get the office staff and patients to contribute to a blessing box for a very special friend and co-worker. The prophetic gift of healing is all ready being multiplied.

Here's a picture of me in the chemo room today with my very special gift. I don't even know the names of all the ladies who contributed to this beautiful box - but let me say that I appreciate each one of you. I am overwhelmed with the care and attention that went into it and am going to hang up some of these things around the house. So much encouraging and beautiful scripture!

Last night I hard time sleeping because of the steriod shots. But I put the time to good use. I prayed, I read and God gave me some strategy for prayer with my family. I made some notes on future blog topics and maybe even got some ideas for teachings. I'm amazed at all of the thoughts roaming around in my brain - now imagine that multiplied by the "upper" effect of steriods. I got to bed about 3 am and still felt fine when I got up at 6. However, I am so tired now...I'm going to call it a night and get some rest.

One last note - some of you may remember our comedian for Laugh from last summer - Jinny Henson. Jinny's daughter (Maggie Lee, age 12) was involved in the bus accident in Lousiana last week. On the way to church camp the bus had a flat, flipped and wrecked. Maggie Lee has a brain stem inury and is in an induced coma. If you feel led, would you add your prayers to the many being lifted up for her and let's ask God to heal her. We've sent a note from Gateway women to Jinny to let her know we are aware and that we are standing with her family.

God bless you, my friends.


When I got home tonight, the Wojciechowsli's brought dinner - taco's with the fixing and some amazing cookies, muffins and fruit. Thanks Erin and Kyle for being so sweet. Kyle and John are playing football together on the 9th grade team at Flower Mound High School. This has given me a chance to make friends with Kyle's mom - Erin - and she is so precious. Thanks guys for the great dinner and the many times you have helped me by transporting John - even in the last month. You are a great friend.


amy said...

jan! i love this blog! you are so awesome! i watched LAUGH online and i hooped and hollered when pastor debbie announced you will speak at PINK!!! I would go even if you were the only speaker - I have been thinking also that you are so good with your words and are so good at ministry - even in the midst of what your going through. You will touch SO many lives with your story at PINK!!! And Chris will be incredible - that Pink that she spoke at last time changed my life.
i have been thinking of you all week - i have to get my first mammogram on monday and i don't wanna but i'm gonna!!!! i love you!

Mary Jo Pierce said...

Makes my heart sing ... to hear the good reports! thank God! To hear the hearts you're touching deeply! thank God. To hear the love and prays coming your way. Thank God. To hear you stir prayers for others ... Thank you Jan! Sleep tight sweet Friend.

Brenda Peterson said...


What an awesome and encouraging report on the tumor change. We all know God is moving in your situation.

And can I say, there is not more perfect person to accompany you to chemo that Laura! She is grace walking--one of my fav people in the whole world. I was so jazzed when I read she was taking you. She is amazing.

When I told Jeff what the doc said, he just pumped his fist and said, "Yes!" You are his prayer project also!

We love you--victory is a-comin!!!!

The Durham's said...

I hope you are starting to see what an encouragement your precious life is! You are a child worth being proud of:) Just wanted you to know that Mayce specifically asked if she could be the one to cover you every morning during our prayer time:) We love you guys around the Durham house and are having some sweet time with the Father regarding your precious family:) Thanks for your openness, your beautiful pictures and, most importantly, your heart. Can't wait to sit and visit with you guys again soon! Love you!

Kim Fox said...

Jan sweet friend I look so forward to reading your blogs! You have been on my mind all day and I have been lifting you in prayer. May God protect you from all side affects and give you sweet sleep tonight .
So excited about the good reports !
By the way you look Beautiful in blue ! Love you ! Kim Fox

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan!

Well, Matthew said it first, "She will Survive!", but I will add to it, not only will you survive you wil Thrive!

Blessings and Miracles!

Lynnell said...

Ijust could jump up and down when I read today's blog (which is one of my favorite things to do)
THANK YOU JESUS!!!! I love Pastor Marcus statement... one to right down! I LOVE the photos of you and Laura and YOU!! And thrilled you loved your Blessing Box because we all need a box 10x that size for all the blessings you have given us!
Just got home from the Prayer Vigil for Maggie Lee.. wow Jinny is so much like YOU!!! We had a great Prayer time!! And a friend of Jinny's had just flown in from the hosptial and gave us first hand info! The swelling still hasn't gone down!! But we all know GOD has his hand on Maggie Lee
I am praying that the count stays UP UP UP and you feel good this weekend!!
I look forward to taking you next month!!
Take it easy this weekend and I'm still lifting you up to GOD
There is a girl on You Tube Addison Road her song is HOPE Now!!
everytime I hear it I think of YOU!
Love ya my sister!

marsia said...

Ok--so now I feel caught up and all is well with my soul because it is well with yours. God is simply doing the miraculous. And His favor and mercy are just new over and over with this journey. I love you and will miss actually seeing your face but will not be out of touch. I plan to pray. Intensely. Very much while I'm away actually. your friend with the wagon~m

Unknown said...

Praising God in the wee hours of the morning here in Arkansas as I read your post.

As I read this post, I just keep thinking about Daniel 10. In that Daniel has mourned and fasted for 21 days... then he has an encounter with "a certain man." Now, as I read this in the past I always assumed that the man was an angel, but when I read it this week I realized the Scripture of the "certain man" matches the description of the Revelation 1 Christ in His glory!

In the account of Daniel 10, Daniel receives a message AND a vision, he also receives the touch of God three times. When touched Daniel is awakened in a humble and weakened posture, but on the next touch Daniel receives words to speak, then he is touched again and is given strength.

Three things about Daniel strike me... His grieving state, the length of time and the fact that God's message is so personal to HIM.

I also thought about the fact that the "certain man" talks about contending spiritually for the nation of Israel against the "Prince of Persia" in my previous study of Daniel the idea was introduced that this "Prince" is an agent of the enemy contending with God's army in the spiritual realm. And that Michael the "Prince of Israel" came to help him fight. The "certain man" had been fighting spiritually with the "Prince of Persia" for exactly the same amount of time that Daniel had been grieving and fasting.

I hope you are getting some of this and putting your name in the places where Daniel's name is... Because what I have seen this week is that Jesus is fighting with the Archangels for us right this minute - For you Jan. And in your moments of deepest needs He will take a break from the fight and come to comfort, to give you rest, to give you a word and to strengthen you. The only things you need to do is to seek Him, allow yourself to process the changes that are happening and be obedient to the Words He speaks to you. I know you are already doing this. I just hope this encourages you greatly. I believe you are beautiful inside and out! And, conquering cancer is nothing for our God - He is the Healer and we can trust Him, can't we?

<3 You.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jan,

I am so excited to read about your progress. I have to go back to verse 1 - I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, "Move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. Matthew 17:20. Jan, God is moving your mountain! Your prayers are being answered and your sickness is moving!! Praise God for this victory!
Love you, Susan Wilson

Cindy Kelley said...

Wow, I miss one day in reading your blog's and am soooo excited to see what God has done already and is continuing to do! You are a sweet inspiration my dear friend and I praise God and rejoice with you and everyone praying for the good reports coming forth!

I have been waking up very early (around 4:00 AM) and have been finding it a wonderful time to talk to the Father about you, His precious daughter!

Two verses have come to me tonight to share with you

"But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned...Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honored, and I have loved you!

What incredible verses to remind us that "yes, we will go through fires, and tough times, but because you are a child of the Most High God, you are loved and He will carry you"

Rest well my dear sister and as always we continue to stand in prayer for complete 100% healing of your body from the tip of your head to the tips of your toes!!!

In Awe of the Power of The Cross!!
Cindy Kelley

Anonymous said...


In the midst of this battle, you are still so encouraging to all of us!! You amaze me!! I see Jesus in you, His strength, His love through you!! I love your updates and thank you for sharing your journey with us!! You are not alone, we are battling with you! Praying for more of His strength for you today!! We love you!!

~Erin Patten