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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Were at the lake house tonight. All the kids plus Mark are in the pool. There is no wi-fi service so please forgive typos and short postings.

Today the reality of how long this fight might take sat on my spirit. I woke up tired, a little unsettled and facing a non working phone. By the time Mark got home I was struggling. We loaded up and headed out, distracting me from the path of my mind. Still feel a little solemn. Not depressed. Just counting the costs, measuring my resources and preparing for the next few days.

I'm wondering how my mind can be here, after the amazing message brought by franklin turner (I hope I got his name right). I thought the whole auditorium was going to turn and point at me. It was inspiring and encouraging and sobering. Let us go...how long does it take to go to the other side?

God,s talking to me about tongues of fire, burning bones, and power. Hope to post something about that tomorrow.

Grateful for each of you and for the honor of sharing.



one woman, lots of opinions said...

Sweet Jan. Counting the cost is what Jesus did in the garden. Your heart & spirit are attuned to truth that will sustain you.

So glad you are at the house with the fam.

I love you- Jackee

Lynnell said...

One I'm so happy your at the LAKE, secondly I wasn't at the 4:00 service (9:00 today) and I thought same thing JAN.... you and R. Hunter together in this journey! He was sent here for a reaason... YOU!
I know we panic with the techno stuff fails! Maybe God's way of saying "Hello I am here" (I am so guilty) but you just relax and enjoy your time with the Family and enjoy all God's blessings!!
I just love this photo as I post I can look at you and that Jan smile and makes me smile too! If I'm reading a comment and it touches me and tears might come then I look to the right... and you make it all OK!!
Dear special friend rest in his Spirit!! He is there for you.... always!!!
Love ya and see you soon

Bethani said...

Hey Jan...love your blogs. They help so much with knowing how to pray specifically for you. Just so you know this weeks sermon was brought by Roosevelt Hunter and what a great message it was! As far as measuring your resources goes...just remember that your Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and can/will provide anything you need. You sit back and we'll do the rowing! Enjoy your family time!!!

Becky from Gateway said...

Jan, I just wanted to share how blessed I am by your talent in sharing, thank you for doing so. I pray you are sustained without injections while at the lake, and you are able to relax and enjoy your family.
I believe God will sustain you, give you the strength you need, and give you rest as you journey with Him to the other side.
I know several in this walk with you and pray He brings just the right words from others as you need them.
I called a sister and gave her Gateway's website to listen today, he was a blessing and funny too.
God bless you girl! Becky Synan (I worked a couple days in the office for Pink the year before last)

The Durham's said...

You are precious! What a perfect time and place to "walk in the cool of the day" with Him. When I pray, He gives me this picture of Him holding you on His shoulder, as you would a child, and He has one hand on the back of your head and the other arm around your body, and His lips are pressed firmly on your cheek...what a beautiful embrace! I love holding my kids this way and I could do it for hours....so could He. He loves you so much Jan and not one tear has gone unnoticed.

Lisa M said...

Use this wonderful time at the lake to rest...body, mind, soul and spirit. Continue to seek first the kingdom of God then all will be added to you. You are thought of and prayed for often.
I love you,
Lisa M

Anonymous said...

Grace, mercy, love and faith... these things will sustain you.

I love you. Betty

Nell from Evergreen said...

Enjoy your week with your family. Let there be only one set of footprints this week....Let God carry you and rest in His everlasting arms.

Love and Prayers,

Dianne Bennett said...

Oh Jan--
Reading your blogs is a highlight of my days. God is doing such a work in your spirit. You are so spiritually beautiful. You have such a sweet humility and tender expectancy. I feel the Spirit as you speak of him/her wrapping around you. That's power. How can we read your memoirs and not be changed. I have thought of coming to Dallas to help take you to your appointments and help at your home, but you seem to have so many wonderful friends doing this for you. If I could serve you in this way, I would be delighted. In my trying to be a blessing and an encouragement to you, I find the exact opposite is happening..You are blessing me and encouraging me and giving me lessons of the greatest and deepest kind of spirituality. The other day I was reading on MSN an article of how those who have experienced a battle with cancer have emerged much more spiritual people. I'll see if I can find it and try to send it to you. Of course you say, "What a price to pay for such a result". Call it The Pearl of Great Price. I love you so much. I regret so much losing contact with you. You are truly an emerging butterfly. You ARE the beloved leaning on her LOVER, coming up from the wilderness.

Be encouraged my friend.

Anonymous said...

I am just waiting for you to come back and fill us all in on the unseen things that He has done in you during your time away. I love that each comment is sent to encourage and just love on your beautiful spirit. Love you much~m

Yvonne said...

Jan - I look forward to the times when I can offer you the encouragement I have received so often from you. But, once again being filled with the Spirit of our God and Father, you my precious sister have lifted my soul to a place it longs to be. Much more often I wish I could remain there. I love you and I praise God for your strong faith. I believe your faith is both a verb and noun here. Your faith is active and alive and seen so clearly in your words. Your faith is also part of who you are as a child of God. A crucial part of your being that allows you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is doing a good work in you. Right here, right now. And through that, you have an incredible ability to increase the faith of those who know you because of your strong belief and your prophetic words. I am so abundantly blessed to know you. Thankfully loving you.